Monday 5 October 2020

2020, Us, and Them (Good or evil)

One thing I have learned in 2020 is that there are not many of Us - and nearly everybody is on-the-side-of Them. The ratio of Us/Them turns out to be a very small fraction - and much smaller than I had previously realised. 

In other words, They are the servants of Satan, and almost everybody (and apparently All leaders) is on Their side. 

I can see from the way that people talk and write that this fact is not generally recognised among Us. The reason is a failure to recognise that evil is about Taking Sides. Being evil means being on the wrong side in the spiritual war; being on the side of Satan - and many/ most nice/ altruistic/ kind people have chosen to take Satan's side. 


In particular, many devout Christians (including - almost - every leader of every Christian church and denomination; and all of the big ones, so far as I know them) have already taken Satan's side; and act accordingly. And those who have taken Satan's side include many people who are (let's say) 95% or more Good Christians in what they profess and practice. 

It turns-out that being 95% Christian, obedient to the rules, and devout in practice doesn't matter a jot! Because these people have-joined-with Satan's side. They see what Satan wants them to see, ignore and deny what Satan wants them to deny; think the way Satan wants them to think; make the key talking-points and express the core affiliations that Satan wants. Their positive personal attributes (e.g. intelligence, kindness, obedience, loyalty, hard-work...) are all turned to the aid of evil; all are joining the alliance that is making war on God.  

Satan - it seems - needs only a tiny window to find his way into the heart of a Christian and claim his allegiance. The window might be (and usually is) any type of Leftism; such as socialism, feminism, antiracism, pacifism, the sexual revolution... It might (more rarely) be nationalism, Nietzschean hedonism or power seeking. 

It may simply be careerism or the desire for social acceptance. The particular evil-theme may be driven by individual fear, resentment, pride, despair - or any other sin which regards itself as virtue and thereby feeds-upon itself.


Of course, at any moment, an ex-Christian might repent and undo all the evil work! This is the gift of Jesus. 

But this will only happen if the particular person discerns that prioritizing their socio-political hobby-horse of psychological desire is a sin that is rotting their soul. The rarity of such repentance suggests that extremely few people are able, or rather willing, to acknowledge the fact of their own previous/ current choice of Satan's alliance (not even when they look around and see what their numerous demonic allies are advocating and celebrating; not even when they learn what They have in store for the world). 

As usual, it is all terribly simple. There are just two sides: Us with God, and Them against God. And all that we have to do is choose one; and nobody can prevent that choice being For God.


In 2020 the choice is binary and mandatory; and the two sides are easier to tell-apart than ever before. It should be easy! Except for the disturbing fact that (nearly) everybody, including (nearly) all self-identified Christians (and their churches) - has made the wrong choice: and is doubling-down on it. 


Steve said...

"It may simply be careerism or the desire for social acceptance."

Yes. This is the thought pattern when we deny God and Eternity. It all becomes about the now and wrong choices are made. The Great Deceiver says there is no eternity/ no God.

Steve B said...

Thank you for writing your blog. I appreciate your thoughts and hope that there are more of us than I think there are.