Sunday 4 October 2020

The need further to revise 'Charlton's Second Law'

 The status of this law, after its previous revision was:  

Any organisation not explicitly built upon God will, sooner or later, become anti-God.

After a couple of years more observation of the continuing corruption of our civilization, watching one after another institution crossing to the side of The Enemy; this can now be simplified to:

Any organisation will, sooner or later, become anti-God.

In other words again: All organisations are evil - if not already evil, then they soon will be. 


This is the lesson that our times are trying to teach us. Or rather, it is a sub-lesson of the fact that abstraction and system are by now so infected with evil as to have become un-usable for Good. 

But the implications are so very far reaching that it is apparently almost impossible for people to learn the lesson, no matter how often reiterated. Certainly, I find it very hard to hold, even as I found it hard to grasp in the first place. 

The habit of placing one's trust - one's hopes - in organisations, systems, abstractions... is something that is very difficult to break (after so many centuries of cultural assimilation). 



Bardsey said...

Re-reading this today and surprised no one has commented; this is an extremely insightful revision. Organizations organize in order to remove risk and maximize control. Simply by attempting to control we invite in Ahriman and close hearts to the transcendent. We fix our gaze on the horizontal rather than the vertical. Dyad-thinking as opposed to triad-harmonics, or, as Illich would say, the mystery of iniquity is always at work.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Bardsey - "surprised no one has commented"

...They take me for granted, sob... ;-(

(Also - I am an irritable and inconsistent moderator. Sooner or later, most get alienated.)

KCFleming said...

Robert Conquest would agree with the change.