Monday 12 October 2020

What if you fail the 2020 Litmus Tests?

A couple of days ago I listed what I consider to be the three Satanic Litmus Test issues that are dominant in 2020: these are the birdemic, antiracism and global warming. 

I think it is worth reiterating that what these Tests do is detect and identify those who are objectively on the side of Satan in the current spiritual war. 

The question of whether you are (overall) a nice person, or what is regarded as a 'good' person is irrelevant; whether you are a pious and observant church member is a separate issue; whether you live by Christian ethics to a higher degree than many or most people makes no difference at all. 

If you fail the litmus tests you are working-for Satan's triumph in this world, you are aiding his agenda - know it or not, like it or not, deny it or not. 

This ought to be very obvious to you, since the evidence is truly collosal and indeed overwhelming - and the fact that it is not obvious to you shows the depth of your unrepented sin. 

And it is unrepented sin that is decisive - as Christians ought to know.  

Note: Failing one (and if one, usually all) of these tests identifies a person as actively against God; but passing the test does Not (of course!) mean that one is a real Christian. To be a real Christian is a positive and voluntary committment; one must want and decide to follow Jesus to resurrected eternal life. Being a Christian doesn't happen (nowadays) without you knowing it (although it could happen after death).


MagnusStout said...


Perhaps the reasons offered (Birdemic, Antiracism, Global Warming) are less important than their effect: System as Primary. Thus, one does not really need to know whether or not such reasons are actually true, but what the System is asking us to do in response. Their "tell" is always what we must do.


- Birdemic: stop Christian worship, stop unregulated socializing, worship scientism & embrace Global BigGov.
- Antiracism: deny objective merit & accomplishments, accept punishment for imaginary crimes, deny legitimacy of nation and tribe & embrace Global BigGov.
- Global Warming: stop reproducing, stop trying to dominate Nature, accept your shame as Earth's cancer, worship scientism & embrace Global BigGov.

Your voice of conscience should stir at these tells.

Jacob Gittes said...

I take it that a pastor or priest whose social media profile shows him wearing a mask has made it fairly clear?

Only the smallest churches, that are basically non-denominational and are therefore not in a real bureaucracy, are not choosing the side of evil here.
I'm glad there are a few, even if they don't provide the aura of tradition, music and culture that I crave.

David Earle said...

This pandemic really is the perfect curse, and definitely thought up by the devil.

How to turn a large portion of the population into useful idiots in the battle of good vs evil, without them even realizing they're in a war.

If you are on the side of good then your worldview is putting everybody else's lives at risk, so perhaps we should finally do something about you? After all, you've been nothing but trouble for the past several decades anyway with your homophobic and transphobic beliefs, and now you've become a threat to the rest of humanity. Not to mention the more you keep making a fuss about masks and social distancing, the longer the longer this pandemic will last!

If you are on the side of evil, well then you're constantly reminded of how good you are for following the rules and are continually equipped with all the necessary rhetoric and platitudes to take on those pesky Christians that you encounter. Keep it up, hero! Here's a sticker!

whitestone said...

It would be interesting to do some research into whether there is a correlation between believing that Islam is the religion of peace, Greta Thunberg is a well adjusted stunning and brave teenager, BlM i a fair and natural reaction against systemic white racism, corvid19 is a deadly plague and that men can have vaginas too?

Bruce Charlton said...

Ive moved some of these comments to the earlier thread, where they should have been anyway - but I mistakenly put Defender's comment here.