Thursday 15 October 2020

Our culture of pervasive dishonesty reflects the decline of the objective symbol - How to overcome it, and live by truth

In the past, symbols - such as words, images, rituals - had an objective power that did not depend upon the mental state of the individual - in effect the symbol caused the mental state (an reality generally) in a reliable and irresistable fashion. 

This was especially seen in religion - where the effects of - for instance - Baptism or The Mass, did not depend on the individual subjectivity of the participants. The 'procedure' had an objective effect on reality, changed the world; whatever individuals may think about it.

Later, as marked by the work of Jung; there was an era in whiich objective symbols produced fairly specific effects - but only with the subjective participation of persons. The cross had a specific meaning, as did other 'archetypal' symbols; but only when the individual had faith or consented to participate. The combination of objective and subjective produced a specific effect.


But now, symbolism has become so weak as to be ineffectual and ineffective. People regard - for example - visual symbols such as the Rainbow, as arbitrary signifiers whose meaning can be defined and redefined at will (by the usual methods of mass persuasion - via public relations, advertising, 'education', and propaganda). Thus the rainbow went from a symbol of Christian hope, to pro-QWERY, to 'support the NHS' within a decade - and next week it may be reallocated meaning again.

In other words, symbolism is now wholly determined by power: specifcially the power to affect psychology - which includes coercive power (police, military, mobs), 'education', law, advertising, mass media, the arts and the (so-called) sciences. 

Words are likewise affected; and the meaning of words changes very rapidly - a particular word may be mandatory in public discourse and then a few years later taboo; or taboo for one group and allowed by another - such as Black, or the N word. 

The name of an entity, likewise; re-naming (of products, institutions, groups of people) is a primary tool of modern management, advertising and public relations - again the ideologies of sexual revolution and antiracism provides many examples. 


This is the state of consciousness of modern Man, increasingly over the past few decades; very completely-so by now. 

Consequently, the idea of honesty; the idea that one ought to use words truthfully - has all-but disappeared from public discourse. Because now words are only arbitrarily attached to things; therefore people feel no compulsion to be accurate with words (what does 'accurate' even mean?); nor to use one set of words rather than another. 

There is no dividing line between honesty and lies; indeed no meaning to the distinction - since the content of categories may be contested, swapped around, made opposite (like 'Fake News'). 

Or, more exactly, because the situation of maining is in constant flux; there is a possibility of using words to refer to a predicted future state of affairs, to a future set of relationships between words and things. 

In particular, it is permissable to use words as instructed by power; because power can and will soon be redefining things just as they wish, and the mass population will go along with this (because they always do).


This is perhaps a major reason why those closest to power, and who serve power, are nowadays always and habitually dishonest - why they use language wholly rhetorically (i.e. to manipulate behaviour); and yet are unaware that this is what they are doing.

(They may be angry and indignant at the 'accusation' that they are dishonest, despite that their dishonestly is an hourly-repeated objective fact, and they are Not Even Trying to be honest - the reason being that they are never honest, so have no basis for comparison.)

And this is surely why the attempts of traditionalists to hold to a fixed and objective scheme of symbolism have failed so comprehensively (even in an institution like the Roman Catholic Church, that is itself built-upon a set of fixed symbolisms).


This is a situation of tyranny, where power defines meaning open-endedly; and of arbitrary tyranny - since the power and meanings are circular. Naturally, purpose is abolished, along with meaning - since purpose depends on sustained values. 

All this fits with the negative and destructive nature of mainstream Establishment leftism; i.e. the global bureaucracy, which is continually and progressively destructive of all meaning, including all Good. 

The System is intrinsically evil - The System is allied to the Satanic (anti-God) agenda. Two equivalent statements...


The way out is Not to focus on the surface symbolism and language - which cannot be effective; but to align with the side of God, creation and The Good

To assert and support the reality of reality as directly (Not symbolically) apprehended

To live by the primacy of direct knowing, of intuition. By which truth is not 'fact' but reality

And we are not loyal to words, but realities.


Honesty is therefore to ally with God's creation and to live by its reality. 

Thus 'the death of the symbol' is itself by-passed, trasncended, rendered ineffectual.  


Francis Berger said...

I agree with your assessment here. The destruction of the objective symbol has been an openly expressed objective of those aligned against God - and for all intents and purposes that objective has been achieved. The world is now nothing but "words, words, words"; nevertheless, I don't believe the Word - as expressed in the opening lines of the Fourth Gospel - can ever be overcome. This seems to fit well with your idea of remaining loyal to realities rather than words. The Word is not "words", but Reality.

Sean Fowler. said...

I see a magic in words. For me they do have, wrought into them, true meaning. The powers that be can distort and manipulate language as much as they like, but cannot eradicate the true meaning of words. I don’t believe it’s possible.

Nathan said...

I agree with this in part, I also see this as an opportunity for true freedom ... as an opportunity to truly discern between the truth and the lie. We clearly see now, just how corrupt everything is. We have before us a golden opportunity like never before, to clear out all the garbage, and let the light of Truth illuminate us (no matter how painful it may be, we must say Yes to this kind of suffering that purifies our ego)

Either self-refutation or an increase in wisdom brings one closer the truth.

We are seeing the dogma of our personal disneylands crumble before our eyes, and only those who wish to remain asleep can't see this. (maybe there is good reason for this, I don't think it's wise to run round kicking over others sandcastles).

Bring on a world where we live with head and heart, with direct intuition and gratitude, with maximum ambition and maximum humility.

Jacob Gittes said...

I notice, however, that "they" always attempt to phrase things so that they cannot be claimed to be lying in a legalistic fashion. They always use qualifiers such as "it seems," or "it may be," etc. They have a strange legalistic thing going on which doesn't seem to allow them to outright lie if you parse their words technically. I believe that they have some sort of cosmic law (from God?) which forces them to tell the truth to those who really pay attention.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jacob - I agree; but the qualifier may be buried deep in 'the small print', and not repeated.