Saturday 24 October 2020

Is this world "what we deserve"?

In a way - yes, it is; but only in the sense that a loving father sometimes teaches his children by letting them take the consequences of their foolish decisions - knowing, all the while, that even the harshest lesson may not be learned; or learned only after many (nasty, tedious) repetitions of the lesson. 

Because that is just what people are like.

This world is created by God, but now we participate in its creation - indeed the intent is that we consciously choose to embrace God's creation/ creating. 

And, although in this current mortal world, many things are being 'done to' the mass of humans (and this living world generally) by a tiny minority of wealthy, powerful and demonically-inspired persons; by our responses and reactions this evil is being participated-in, and vastly assisted, by an apparent majority of the masses. 

That is: Things are done-to us - like it or not; but we can (and do) always choose whether we do like-it... Or Not. 

Consider the birdemic. The thing itself (as a package - stimulus and response) was planned and imposed by a small globalist Establishment - but it is the 'response' to the virus (Not the virus, or what it actually does) that is primary. 

In other words, the 'response' - lock-down-social-distancing-masking-etc - is the primary goal of the birdemic. The same pre-prepared 'response' might have been (would have been) attached to several other, and apparently different, causes - such as Global Warming, terrorism, MLB...  

So the key question to ask for determining whether this is indeed the world 'we deserve' is: how have 'the people', 'the masses', responded to the fake-response? 

Well, the experiment has been done, and the results are available. 


The masses were told that everything-else needed to be sacrificed to the 'aim' of reducing the birdemic, were told the nature of the sacrifice (including the lie that LDSDM-ing, pseudo-vaccination, omni-surveillance, global totalitarian police-state etc. was 'the science'); and first told that this sacrifice was temporary ('flattening the curve'), then that it was permanent ('the new normal').  

All in accordance with the plan.

Now, the consequences we all know; these include putting (in Britain) multi-millions of people (alike healthy and sick, young and vigorous, old and inform) into solitary confinement; preventing movement outdoors, travel to see family, friends, nature; outlawing human contact, human proximity; permanently denying the sight of faces and the touch of hands to millions who are forcibly confined to their rooms/ dwellings/ institutions. 

Let's say that a credulous population at-first believed the (known to be habitually- and manipulatively-dishonest) governments and media that the birdemic was especially dangerous. Nonetheless, if the mass of people had valued basic humanity and the humane/ compassionate/ personal aspects of life; they would have given them up with extreme reluctance

After which they would have been alert for any evidence that this cruel deprivation was unnecessary; so as to allow the vital human aspects of life to be resumed as soon as possible

A genuinely humane People would, in other words, have been continually pushing for the removal of the vast mass of restrictions on meeting, touching, and having facial contact with other people, and so forth. 


But they have not. The populace have, in fact, adopted the exact opposite attitude. They have - in large, probably majority, numbers; assumed that the ongoing suppression/ destruction of humane living was to be sustained, maintained long-term, and perhaps forever "if necessary". 

(The concept of "necessary" implicitly meaning that the birdemic shall remain the focus of all organised human endeavour (until They tell us otherwise and suspend restrictions temporarily, as with MLB), without any prudential or balancing considerations being allowed or even discussed. Prevention of birdemic deaths trumps every-thing - at least in theory, while this mind-set is being-applied. Any-thing else is 'putting money above lives'.) 

Indeed; among the opinion-leaders of the political Left (and Leftism includes the entirety of mainstream politics and public discourse) the wrong-to-be-righted is the preceding 'inadequate' birdemic response, the lack of severity, the softness of the totalitarianism; and the crusade has become for ever more, ever harsher and universal repression and destruction of... well, all-that-is-distinctively-human in society. 


In sum, the revealed preference of the masses is for a one-eyed abstract 'healthism' that sacrifices any number of actual individual human beings; including the pitiful birdemic victims; nearly all aged well-beyond the biological lifespan of c.70 - who are routinely tortured to death over weeks of artificial existence in 'intensive therapy' while deprived of consciousness and the sight and touch of spouses, families, friends - or human beings of any kind... 

Doped or anaesthetised, pierced with tubes and wires, surrounded by masked and gowned zombies and machines who are 'working-on them'. 

And if, at this advanced age, they 'survive' the horror show - then survival (merely) is the correct word to describe their remaining lives.    

This is an extreme; but it is a very common extreme; and one approximated in many thousands of nursing homes and residential homes - but my point is that it is a situation very generally supported even by those most affected

In sum; what is being imposed by The Establishment; is (in general) being supported by the masses - supported with varying degrees of enthusiasm from the career Leftist who wants more of the same forever; down to the stoic and obedient populace who have shown that in practice they agree with the ideology of the birdemic. They agree that the birdemic is, and ought to remain, the single global priority; all else to be sacrificed (including birdemic victims).


My point is therefore that it is true that we get what we deserve; or more exactly, our world as is, is the consequence of the prevalent values of the masses

The masses have shown that they do Not significantly value many things which were often said to be of great value - from real science, arts, medicine and churches; through theatres, museums, libraries; singing, dancing, holidays, sports; through freedom, work, nature; to marriage, family and friends. (The list is almost endless.)

There is, it seems, nothing which people are unprepared to sacrifice for the birdemic. 

In other words; ; people will sacrifice any-thing - up-to and including, their own dignity, autonomy and well-being - for the birdemic. 


And this bleak picture of a corrupt and evil world isn't a theory or a prediction; but what people are-doing and have-been-doing; the choices they already-made and continue-to-make. 

And the life we live, and the life planned for us (The Great Reset; Agenda 2030...) is a simple consequence of these choices, attitudes and actions. 

The best name for it is nihilism; the prevalent planetary emotion is fear-resentment, and the mood is despair (covert, but over-mastering); and the best description of the behaviour is willed-but-denied, individual-and-civilizational, suicide

(Suicide with expectation of death, and probability of Hell - because of the prevalence of value-inversion whereby Hell is regarded as Good and real - and Heaven as a repellent fantasy.)

None of which is At All surprising; in a world that denies God, creation, the soul and the spirit... 

And was, indeed, accurately predicted by many prophetic Christians over the past several generations.


The truly astonishing aspect is that all this time the door to repentance, and the prospect of a joyous/ creative/ loving life everlasting in Heaven, is being held-open by Jesus Christ! 

(Never too-late to accept this gift! A gift that instantly-positively-transforms our mortal life!)

Yet the masses angrily cling to despair and death with all their, ebbing, strength...


jonofthemeadowaustralis said...

The terrible thought of non existence (beyond this material realm) is, I believe, what is the prime driver of this fear paradigm. The overwhelming majority of people fear death so much they are willing to sacrifice virtually everything in the hope they might put the inevitable off as long as possible.

Bruce Charlton said...

@jon - It certainly looks like it - and they project this fear onto everyone else; and anyone who does not share this fear is regarded with some mixture of superiority, pity and loathing.

William Wildblood said...

A brilliant tour de force, Bruce. This is a message that should be spread far and wide.

Otto said...

So which is it: suicide (hastening death), or the avoidance of death?

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Absolutely true, and (quite literally) damning.

By the way, this isn't the first time you've referred to "social conditioning" instead of the more usual term. Freudian slip, or Freudian pirouette?

Bruce Charlton said...

@O - These are the psychological facts; you can work-out the explanation for yourself.

@Wm - Corrected.

Jacob Gittes said...

Another thought I had just now after re-reading the post:

The masses have chosen a monomania of "healthism."
The response to the birdemic was framed by the authorities. The masses now seem unable to frame current events autonomously, other than a minority.

But is this so different from the materialism monomania that started creeping in with the Enlightenment? Bentham and utilitarianism. Positivism. Scientism.

Looking back to growing up, it seems that everyone was focused on the material. Everyone's goal was to get into the "best" schools, make the most money, have the nicest, biggest houses. Other than a minority, who were looked own upon. Those crazy religious zealots, or even the healthy part of the back-to-the-land "hippy" movement who rejected materialism from the left.

Maybe it took until now for the authorities to undermine all the resistance before making this big move. Even a few decades ago, I think there would have been more substantive resistance. Maybe they were waiting for the interconnectivity of the Internet to allow a global coup.

Jonathan said...

Excellent observations. Also important is your comment, "they project this fear onto everyone else; and anyone who does not share this fear is regarded with some mixture of superiority, pity and loathing." You've written in the past about how positivism/materialism and lack of belief in an afterlife utterly changes people's value systems and outlook on life. Yet there seems to be zero awareness of this among the secular, and not much awareness of it among the religious. I feel like you gave me one of the keys to understanding humanity when you discussed these things in depth years ago.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jonathan - Thanks. BTW - are you the coffee Jonathan?

Sasha Melnik said...

If there was nothing to resist, no evil bureaucratic horror to recognise as evil, I'm unsure I could have become Christian. The start of Christianity was with the Roman Empire - to follow on to PKD's experiences where in a dream or vision he was a secret Christian who had to keep his identity secret.

It helps to ignore that there are so many days between the day Christ ascended and today. If you imagine it was only yesterday, or perhaps an hour ago, you are now closer to reality. What follows for me, is that each moment of my life is more related to his rising than any other thing in the intervening moments or years (none of which matter).

I hope that for all the souls who submit to the ahrimanic madness willingly, well, for some, this is the perfect place and time to be or become Christian.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Sascha M:

That was a gem of insight and advice embedded in your comment - which deserves highlighting:

"It helps to ignore that there are so many days between the day Christ ascended and today. If you imagine it was only yesterday, or perhaps an hour ago, you are now closer to reality. "