Wednesday 17 March 2021

Christian evangelism 2021: The single most important thing is to Want Heaven as the outcome after biological death

It may well be that really to want Heaven, to prefer Heaven (as it actually is) to any other possible outcome of biological death; may be sufficient for salvation - at least in these end times. 

Certainly, it seems to be very rare for people to want resurrection, to want to dwell eternally in a situation with God the creator, Jesus Christ, and others who have made this choice; to live as sons and daughters of God and to join in the creation of creation. 

So many people seem actively to desire extinction at death (not to have eternal life); or to live on a spirits (not be resurrected), or to cease to exist as separate selves (not to become sons and daughters of God); or if resurrected to live in a paradise of rest and peace, or passively enjoyment of sensuous pleasure...

If any of these (or other alternatives) are wanted instead of Heaven - I cannot see any possibility that such a person would follow Jesus to attain what Jesus offers. 

Jesus would not be offering any-thing such a person wanted. Conversion would have no point, offer no benefit - and would not happen. 

But if someone wants to live eternally by being resurrected in Heaven - if that is his post-mortal desire; then it may not matter very much whether - in this earthly life - he believes that Heaven is possible, and real. 

It may not matter much even if he thinks Heaven is nothing more than wishful-thinking... 

The facts, the realities, will be discovered after death. Then he will know what is possible. 

And once the hope of Heaven becomes both a reality and a possibility - presumably such a soul would gratefully accept the great gift; and would choose to follow Jesus. 

Therefore; perhaps the most valuable discussion a Christian evangelist could have with a convinced materialist-atheist would be concerned with what he would most like to happen after death; and an exploration of the various possibilities 'offered' by atheism and various religions. Leaving aside which is true and real - a simple discussion of what is most desired. 

Someone who has their own greatest wish clear in mind may find that this is exactly what Jesus offers; and may then take further steps. 

But without prompting, few will make the effort even to think about post-mortal life; and will be too paralyzed by the dishonest assumptions of pseudo-realism of mainstream materialism, even to think-through what has been said on the subject - through history and around the world. 

In sum; explicit fantasy and imagination concerning life beyond biological death may be the greatest ally in moving someone towards ultimate salvation; with the world as it is now.    


David Earle said...

I imagine death to initially be similar to a dream. Once dead we enter into a dream-like state. We aren't conscious we are just passively dreaming. At some point, it may seem like days to us, we will begin to wonder what's going on. Semi-consciously you might think, "I must be dreaming" then you drift off some more like often happens as you're mid-sleep. Perhaps you never achieve this semi-lucid state and continue on eternally in this post-death dream world.

Maybe you become lucid again, try to remember the last thing that happened, and realize that you are dead and cannot wake up, but you're still very disillusioned and confused, tormented...eternally.

Maybe you're a Christian and once you realized you're lost, you cry out for Jesus. "Jesus! Where are you? What happened? Help me!"

You have been trained to call out for something beyond yourself in the post-death world, because maybe that is just how things work in the afterlife.

a_probst said...

"...will be too paralyzed by the dishonest assumptions of pseudo-realism of mainstream materialism..."

Or too spiteful to want to be drawn out in conversation with a religious person as this would be 'giving quarter'.