Thursday 18 March 2021

Online church is not church

It would seem like an obvious insight to recognize that watching a church service on a screen (whether in real time, or delayed) just is not attending or participating in church. 

For catholics there can be no 'real presence' when there is no real bread or wine; for protestants there is no gathering when people are not gathered. 

A church that is virtual is not a church. When there is no church, the church has ceased. When there is no assurance that it will resume; the church has ended. 

This is - more-or-less, substantially - the situation, all over the world. The Christian churches (along with nearly all other churches) have stopped

Of course, the bureaucratic structures remain, the personnel are still there, the buildings are still there; but the churches ended last year. 

The birdemic has almost wiped-out church-Christianity - and replaced it with either nothing; or movies of services and social media chat-rooms. 

Will churches return? Maybe, but when there is no acknowledgement that they substantially have-ended; when the leaders and members seem only mildly concerned at the situation; there seems not much likelihood that the organizations will resume activity as churches

Christians live in a post-church world. Here. Now... 

Any Christian who regards his church as essential to salvation is not going to be able to remain a Christian; or else he will need to rebuild his church from the ruins (and with mostly new personnel).    

Yet even such a simple, obvious and (surely?) undeniable fact, seems beyond the capacity for insight and thought of modern people. 

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S.K. Orr said...

Yes, the same church leaders who used to throw a hissy fit if someone missed one worship service are the same ones who immediately rolled over, without a word of complaint, and closed their church doors when some mask-wearing government official told them to. As I've said before, they are continually proving that they don't really believe what they say they believe. These people are the kinsmen of the ones who have burned saints and winked at perversion among the clergy.

Now, more than ever, the interior life is the key to knowing and following Christ.