Thursday 11 March 2021

The 2020 Litmus Tests are a measure of discernment - and of the centrality of discernment in these times

The Litmus Tests of serious Christianity* I described in 2020 certainly seem to work in practice; yet it is a striking and obvious fact that none of the tests have anything to do with Christianity as such, but are instead 'about' the dominant socio-political issues of recent years and especially the past year. 

How is it that secular tests - directed at such ephemeral matters of 'policy' - can have such a role in identifying a real Christian?

Identifying, that is, a self-identified Christian who is on the side of God in the ongoing global spiritual war, one has not (yet!) been seduced to working on the side of Satan

Firstly (something obvious that - yet - several people failed to notice) is that the tests apply only to self-identified Christians. 

Someone who passed all the Litmus Tests yet is Not self-identified as a Christian remains... Not a Christian. 

The Litmus Tests are Not directed at Not-Christians.  

So, to return to the main point; why do the Litmus Tests work so well?

The simple answer is that these are tests of spiritual discernment, applied at points where spiritual discernment is currently vital.  

We live in a world where there is a de facto world government that dominate all bureaucratic political and social institutions (including church leadership) and the mass/ social media. These are the agents of a supernatural demonic agenda directed against God, The Good and divine creation. 

Therefore - since The System is evil, and well all depend-upon and interact-with The System - unless Christians have sufficient discernment to identify and spiritually reject the official and pervasive agenda of evil - Christians will-have-been recruited to the side of the devil... As a simple matter of fact, and whether they know it or not.

Although repentance has infinite power; a Christian must first repent - and when a Christian has failed to identify sin as such, he will not repent. And not to repent is to embrace damnation.  

Therefore discernment is mandatory for salvation. 

Nowadays; anyone who is unconscious or passive about what he believes, is believing what The System tells him, will thus believe that evil is Good - and will not repent: will choose damnation.

And That is why the 2020 Litmus Tests are indeed valid - for 2020 and still; despite their secular-materialist content.  

*To remind you; the 2020 Litmus Tests are about attitudes to the birdemic, antiracism (e.g. MLB), and 'climate change'; with a running-through theme of the sexual revolution especially the currently dominant themes such as the trans agenda


The Continental God said...

I was reading a book where the author described King David as loyal to God, and that is what drove him to repent when shown his sins surrounding Bathsheba, and allowed him to be forgiven (the sins--adultery and murder--by law were worthy of death). David had a lot of wreckage in his life, but he was always loyal to God. This is how someone who is not nice is still on God's side: unfailing loyalty.

This loyalty is what the litmus test boils down to. If you fail the litmus test you're not loyal to God.

The Continental Op said...

I'm The Continental Op, not the Continental God, the Lord have mercy on me for thinking ahead of my typing!

Avalon John said...

The first litmus test is confusing to me. I do not support the birdemic other than the fact that I recognize that the virus is killing almost exclusively fat folks or some people with weak immune systems (of which I am one). I hate wearing one, but we are forced to wear a mask or pay insane fines. If one is forced to wear a mask to shop or buy foods, is that a failure of the first litmus test, and if so, is civil disobedience the only way forward?

Bruce Charlton said...

@AJ - Read the links.

R.J.Cavazos said...

This and prior posts very on point. The cliche of history does not repeat it rhymes is seen by a read of Dostoyevsky--Brothers Kamarazov and very directly in Demons. Its uncanny--many of the characters in Demons remind me of todays grandeess ordering people about and doing what demonic a8#holes do. I imagine the psychological profile of the characters in demons matches that of todays "woke" commissars. I find also the work of Norman Cohn enlightening--there seem to be cycles of human madness (and or evil) and they occur with some regularity. But I do think--its different this time and discernment as you say is essential. In short, G-d has planted hints of the importance in some of the masterworks of literature (in case Torah is not enough or clear enough for the more literal minded).

Bruce Charlton said...

@RJC - The demonic type is predictable in its opposition to God and Good - but the society of Dost. was very devoutly Christian indeed, by world-historical standards; and that makes a qualitative difference. They knew they were in a spiritual war. Then the demonic ideas seemed alien and unnatural - nowadays normal and routine; and we exclude and disbelieve the spiritual.

Chuck Pergiel said...

MLB (Major League Baseball) is a problem? I think I am missing something here.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CP - It's an anagram...