Friday 19 March 2021

The Fake Reset: Rhetoric versus reality

There are two problems with The Great Reset - the first is that it is an evil plan, the second is that it is a fake. 

I have reached that conclusion from looking at what is happening in the world over the past year or so, since The Great Reset was brought to general attention. 

I don't doubt that some relatively-low level minions really want The Great Reset, and are working towards it; and are currently profiting richly from their labours. But they are apparently not the people in charge of what actually happens. 

To be clear - The GR is real; but it is a feint, a distraction, a sideshow. The people who are really in charge have apparently put-out and publicized TGR to cover the fact that they are engaged in a process of accelerating civilizational vandalism

The Great Reset mind-set wants a totalitarian world of Global omni-surveillance and micro-control. But for this to happen needs power; and power needs resources and a predictable, effective system. 

Instead we have witnessed an open-ended, semi-controlled demolition of the global economy; and of every social institution including those that are necessary for implementing a worldwide totalitarian system. We see just a handful of 'display projects' here and there, to create an impression of crushing totalitarian order; but swamped by the net affect of chaos. 

Not only the economy, but transport and power generation/ distribution are being destroyed; not only the arts and entertainments, but also science and health services are being destroyed; not only Christians and anti-left dissidents but also the police and the military are being destroyed. 

All kinds of disorder and potential chaos are being deliberately seeded and encouraged all over the place - with the approval (positive official statements, positive mass media coverage) of those in power.  

If the Great Reset was going to happen; there would be an exit-strategy from the accelerating chaos; there would be strong countervailing forces in evidence to implement and enforce the surveillance and control; serviced by expert teams of support workers to maintain and improve functionality. 

Instead, every institution and organization is convulsed by self-hatred and self-destruction; staffed by useless and evil objectives; with useless and evil personnel; fuelled by antiracism, diversity, feminism, environmentalism and other disposible and incoherent fads; paralyzed by ineffective (as well as unnecessary) responses to the birdemic. 

We are incrementally making a world where nobody can do anything - including that nobody can implement a Great Reset. 

How much can The System take before its self-correcting, negative-feedback mechanisms are themselves overwhelmed by this cancer of chaos? 

Nobody knows - least of all the demons of chaos who are doing it. 

But it seems nearly-certain that we will all find-out the breaking point; later if not sooner. 

The point is to be spiritually prepared for this; because when once it starts, there will be no hiding place: the conflagration will be global and unstoppable. 

That, indeed, is the intention. 


awildgoose said...

Excellent points.

I've had my own thoughts questioning how they can implement their totalitarian control system when so many things are falling apart.

AI and robotics aren't nearly advanced enough to maintain or manufacture things the controllers value, like private jets.

Meanwhile, in places like Baltimore they are producing 17 year olds with 0.17 GPAs on a 4.0 scale that must repeat all four years of high school. This person is useless other than as a street rioter.

On top of this, supply chains are falling apart. Ford Motors is building short, reducing shifts, and idling lines because they can't source the electronic components needed to complete their vehicles.

I don't see how these powerful factors help the controllers implement their totalitarian global control scheme.

Zeno said...

That's an interesting perspective. I have no idea what they want, but the wanton destruction of everything that is good or simply working in the world at such an accelerated rate, is really something to behold.

I think maybe it's both things. On one side, there's "vaccine passports", "tracking apps", and all the surveillance stuff that Orwell didn't dream. On the other, the total chaos resulting from the disintegration of society which won't allow for this authoritarian controls to take place.

A said...

I believe the most likely outcome, one that certain Billionaires openly endorse, is a mass dieoff. Even my nutty but mainstream secular associates argue population reduction is necessary to "save the world" by advocating for abortion, reduced birth rates, etc.

Hatcher said...

I’ve had the sense lately that the idea is to make things so frayed, so dissonant & intolerable that when a “strong” ,” clear” solution is offered most will welcome it with great relief. What this will look like I’m not sure exactly, but it will be “centrist” & “reasonable”

Bruce Charlton said...

@Zeno - Yes, there are both things; the questions are: which is primary and which is trending- totalitarianism or destruction? It seems to be more and more the case that totalitarianism is a means to the end of destruction.

When I consider the functionality of institutions or organizations (i.e. the extent to which they do what they are supposed to be doing) I see universal and unremitting decline. i.e. I cannot think of a single institution that is not getting worse and worse at performing its proper function.

Indeed, nations are failing to do what they are supposed to do - not just failing, but deliberately doing the opposite.

Even worse, institutions are Not Even Trying to be more functional; but in all instances, institutions are primarily trying to do something else (something abstract/ vague/ incoherent and leftist). Scientists are not primarily trying to do science, teachers are not trying to educate, health service workers are not trying to improve their patients' health, law is not aiming at justice, the police are not trying to ... etc.

A said...

Do you have an opinion on the birdemic gene therapy? I'm not sure if it is just recklessness, or a tool for more totalitarian control, or has a direct evil long-term health effect that still won't be realized until it's too late (for example, further reduced fertility wouldn't be noticed for a year?)

A said...

I have noticed a spiritual dimension. Many are going into it as if it were a baptism, with my relatives announcing it proudly and being very pushy. Perhaps that is all, a sign of allegiance and sacrament.

awildgoose said...

I really like the points about institutions, professions, and other cultural touchstones drifting further and further away from their ostensible core purposes.

That has been a huge problem in Western civilization since the '90s and there is next to no discussion of it anywhere.

Bruce Charlton said...

@MA - "I have noticed a spiritual dimension. Many are going into it as if it were a baptism, with my relatives announcing it proudly and being very pushy. "

The birdemic 'peck'...I have noticed the same - it seems a major topic of conversation; with elements of mutual virtue signaling covering fear, and solidarity/ altruism, and a rather pathetic belief that it will 'allow things to return to normal'.

I have seldom seem a more pathetically obvious mass manipulation; building big lie upon big lie - without an end in sight and each lie reinforcing the previous one.

Of course the gene therapy peck will very probably do harm, perhaps in quantity more harm than any mass medical intervention ever - because it is so easy to do harm and so difficult to do good in medicine - and here They are not even trying.

The normal type of peck is 'just' an under-tested, hastily contrived, needless and (as always) not very effective intervention - like the usual ones for flu but with nastier after effects - when rolled out to near-zero risk population, obviously it will do more harm than good, - because there is no good to be done.

But the details don't matter. I find it simply astonishing that the masses believe the authorities are genuinely concerned to promote the health of the masses, or that they are telling the truth about the birdemic - or even attempting to tell the truth. We are equipped with natural and spontaneous instincts to detect liars - and people should not need to be told these things; but there has never in history been so insanely stupid a people as here and now in the West.

The subtraction of God and spirit, and their continued self-exclusion, has left people helpless fools.

Bruce Charlton said...

@awg - This has been a theme of mine for a couple of decades (even before I was a Christian). I wrote about it in my books Thought Prison, Not Even Trying and Addicted To Distraction.

In fact, primarily functional institutions is not a natural thing for humans - because most societies are ruled by over-arching goals especially a religion. The Leftist erosion of functionality is something like the attempt to replace a real religion with a secular ideology - but whereas religion *can* be a positive purpose and force; Godless-ideologies are based on negative and oppositional goals; and destroy cohesion - which can only be restored by propaganda and force - but the negative ideology also erodes the effectiveness of these, as we see all around (with the incoherence of law, and disintegration of police, military etc) ... No cooperation, no cohesion.

The System collapses into short-termist self-interest, with corruption producing greater inefficiency until it collapses. But the collapse would not be to the earlier level, since old forms of cohesion are gone - but to a lower level. This is the prospect.