Wednesday 24 March 2021

Heart thinking or entropic thinking: How and why we are (literally) destroying reality

The great lesson I got from Rudolf Steiner and Owen Barfield, is that reality is co-created by consciousness - that is, by thinking. We make the world by our thinking - and the kind of world we make - or unmake, depends on the kind of thinking. 

The only thing out-there and independent of us is formless chaos - all that can be known has been created; and creation formed by consciousness, and all consciousness has this property of creative formation. 

The primary creation that we inhabit was formed by God's consciousness (God is the prime creator); but our own consciousness affects divine creation - either positively or negatively. 

As our consciousness has become detached from God - we must now choose whether again to affiliate with the living reality of primary creation through love and heart thinking; or to remain alienated, to regard reality as consisting of dead things affected by material processes - and thereby to affiliate with the entropic, parasitic, destructive cognitive processing of mainstream modern life. 

It has become very obvious that humanity is splitting into Christians and anti-Christians; into those who affiliate with God, The Good and Divine Creation - and those who oppose these. 

This split can also be seen as between heart thinking and entropic thinking. We are being compelled to choose between these. 

It is the choice between loving creation; or the subversion, deconstruction and destruction of creation. 

Entropic thinking is normal, abstract, mainstream, 'materialist' thinking - it is 'brain thinking', which is increasingly conformed to machine or computer thinking. 

Entropic describes how you are (almost certainly) thinking now; and how nearly everybody (or everybody) around you is thinking - it is how everybody in societal authority and institutional leadership are thinking. It is the processing embodied in public discourse, bureaucracy, computers, management, media, laws, regulations, procedures...  

This entropic thinking assumes the world is made of dead things, and these dead things are subject to life-less processes, energies and forces. Built-into this is the assumption that entropy rules the world - rules reality - entropy in one place can only be reversed or delayed by increasing entropy elsewhere - thus 'creation' is actually the predatory consumption of one source of order by another - and (because entropy is relentless) this predation (or parasitism) must continue until all order is consumed and formless chaos remains.

Thus, entropic thinking is the world view of the self-damned, the demonic; those who believe in Satan's conceptualization of reality: the sin-motivated war of each against all (only expediently delayed by transient mutually-exploitative demonic alliances directed against God and creation).

Heart thinking is in complete contrast and opposition to the entropic in its nature, origin and motivation. 

Heart thinking is based in love and life; it assumes a living universe of beings - and God's creation gets its origin, form, order and coherence from love. 

Thus, love and creation are polarities of the same essence - loving-creation and creative-love.  

This love - which made creation, and holds-together creation - and which is self-sustaining - is between beings. Beings are living and conscious entities - all beings are alive and conscious, but there are different degrees of aliveness and forms of consciousness.  

Heart thinking is of those beings who have first become modern and alienated; who have first assimilated into entropic thinking - where the reality of God is not entailed. Those who from that position of detached freedom have consciously chosen to recognize, embrace and align-with the reality of God and of a 'universe' consisting of beings living in a divine creation. 

Those who choose heart thinking will find that they need to recognize the greater authority, depth and truth of a thinking based in love, and operating with love - in order to reject the otherwise overwhelming powers and persuasion of entropic thinking. 

It is the terrible choice of modern Man to choose - and his choice lies between the divine work of co-creating the world, or else the demonic project of destroying creation. 

Those who think entropically will do entropy. 

By the way they conceptualize the world, they project deadness onto the living world, they project abstract forces and energies onto a creation that is actually sustained by love; and by these projections these remake their world in the image they have chosen. 

Despite the opposition (implicit and explicit) of The World; heart thinking will need to be accorded primacy again and again, as it conflicts in method and motivation with the dominant, prevalent this-worldly entropic thinking - which asserts its monopoly of objectivity and that heart thinking is childish, foolish or insane.

Entropic thinking labels heart thinking as wishful thinking; yet the truth is both heart and entropic are wishful - and the wishes become reality.  

The entropic thinker wishes entropy onto divine creation - converting that which is alive and conscious through love into a meaningless, purposeless dead universe. 

It is entropic thinking that is destroying our civilization, our humanity - and beyond that it destroys the possibility of eternal resurrected life in Heaven. Because the entropic thinker (and he is apparently most people in the world, including most self-identified Christians) is co-engaged in the progressive killing of beings, the elimination of love, the reduction of life and consciousness into 'people' who self-identify as Dead Things. 

The heart thinker instead works from the love in his heart, from actual interpersonal and inter-being love (not abstract love); he recognizes and affirms that love, and makes it the motivation for knowing reality. He regards reality as that which known by this loving thinking. 

The heart thinker regards the world from his heart - it is his love of particular beings which connects him with reality; it is his love that motivates the connection-with and knowledge-of reality. 

That which is outwith his love is not truly known - but merely hypothesized, modelled from simplified and incomplete variables, and therefore certainly false

Thus the primacy of the two great commandments: love of God and neighbour. In heart thinking; modern Man chooses to participate in co-creating his own reality (and potentially the reality of other heart thinkers) by rooting his knowledge in love of God. And the scope of this knowledge is defined by the scope of those other beings ('neighbours') whom he also loves. And if he wishes this active joining-with loving creation to be an eternal state - this is attained by loving and following Jesus Christ to resurrected life in Heaven. 

Note: The above analysis is indebted to a section of a lecture on Crop Circles from Stanley Messenger to the Wessex Research Group, delivered in the middle 1990s. Stanley Messenger was an expert on Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy, having been a Waldorf teacher. He was also involved in, and approving of (in what I regard as an uncritical and credulous way) pretty much all of the New Age crazes of his era; and was also a proponent of the sexual revolution. He was highly intelligent and knowledgeable, and a gifted improvisatory lecturer (having been a professional actor). My eveluation is that Stanley Messenger was (much like his Master, Steiner) someone who sporadically generated some superb and vitally-important insights, which are scattered among a great deal else that I must set aside as mistaken and wrongly-motivated. Anyway; my above post was inspired by re-listening to a genuinely-intuitive, superbly truth-full section of the linked lecture which runs from about 23 minutes to 42 minutes. This section strikes me as more vivid, comprehensible, exciting and motivating than anything Steiner ever expressed (that I have come across) - while being deeply and explicitly indebted to Steiner. 


R.J.Cavazos said...

I thank you for taking the effort to provide distillations of the the work of Steiner. Though I read three languages,am an academic (economist and statistician) I find that I simply do not have the patience and endurance to read his work. I find it turgid and often just bizzare. No doubt it is like panning for gold or mining diamonds--jobs for hardier souls than mine.

Gary Bleasdale said...

Bruce, this all seems right to me. It makes a lot of sense and ties in perfectly with all of my reflections, experiences and studies so far.

I also found it well-written and well-summarised. I might start a Twitter account just to post snippets of your blog (And links to it), other obscure but powerful thinkers have this sort of account too.

So, my question to you is - if what you have written is true (and I assume it is, at its core), then why are you so bearish on the future of the world (i.e. pessimist)? I mean - if you follow this line of reasoning to its final conclusion, wouldn't that mean that even one man, who is thinking properly (from the heart), could tumble an entire system which is built upon entropic thinking?

At least, he wouldn't get swallowed up by it. This type of man would be impervious to what seems to be "the obvious outcome" (catastrophe) by informed and intelligent but fundamentally entropic lines of reasoning.

Bruce Charlton said...

@RJC - I was (and still am) inwardly motivated to grapple with Steiner, presumably because part of me knew there were answers to what I was seeking there to be found; otherwise I could not have done it.

@GB - You have answered your own question, I think; in the distinction between civilizations (and nations, and institutions) - and individual persons.

It's not about 'tumbling' a system - because that will happen anyway, like it or not - not least because the Global Establishment are actively and very thoroughly destroying it. Yet the system is already net evil, and becoming more so with each week.

It's that the system now includes everybody, and (up to now) keeps them alive.

Before the industrial revolution, and until about 1850, the planet could only sustain a billion or so people - all the rest are products of The System - essentially built by the geniuses of Europe - a species who are now weaker, much fewer and excluded.

So when it 'tumbles', billions will die. Spiritually - this is perhaps the lesser of evils - but still...

R.J.Cavazos said...

As an aside--I used to find it odd that so many people in the modern world worship trivial political and entertainment figures. As you point out wrt to European geniuses without the likes of Pasteur and crucially Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch we would have a dramatically lower global population--perhaps 2 Billion max. the demented rants against so called white science are a sight to behold. Hard to be optimistic when such rants are now allowed even encouraged in "polite society".

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Dad: When I was your age, I used to be a big fan of Radiohead.

Kid: Really? Was that before they invented phone sex?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Wm - I presume this was aimed at the previous post - but is probably just as appropriate here...

(I'm beginning to regret having begun this Benny Hill theme. Some people just don't know where to draw the line.)

Nathanael said...

I find it odd that @R.J.Cavazos mentions Pasteur as a genius when he was clearly an entropic thinker, and the claim that the population would be 2 billion if it wasn't for these guys... it all feels very mechanical.