Wednesday 7 April 2021

Graspable truth: In a world of chaos (lies and manipulation); Truth can only be known bottom-up

Thinking back on my years as an atheist; I recall strongly wanting to be a Christian in the middle 1980s; but floundering around and around in an incomprehensible complexity of assertion about what 'Christian' meant and entailed. 

I was just going from one book to another, one assertion to another, one argument to another... With some I agreed or was convinced; others I disliked or found implausible... 

But it was a serial process - I never got deeper, I never got anywhere! I was just floundering in information mixed with error mixed with deceptions...

What I should have been doing, was discovering and working from my own primary motivations and intuitions. I needed to know what I most wanted, and what I most solidly knew. I needed to be driven by these - and to stop seeking for truth from some external Authority among the multitude of fake 'authorities' - who were so keen to tell me what to believe and to do.  

Part of the answer came from a remark of the theoretical biologist Francis Crick (co-discoverer of the structure of DNA) when he mentioned that when seeking to develop a true theory, the scientist must bear in mind that most of the 'facts' are wrong (as will become apparent when a true theory is eventually found). 

Most of the facts are wrong - and that is in science, real science as professional research mostly was in Crick's early years, when nearly-all scientists were honest and able at least, and many were geniuses (such as Crick himself).  

That was in real science - what about the modern world? In the modern world it may be either that All of the facts are wrong, or that they might as well be - since there are so many, and such contradictory, 'facts' that it is, in practice, impossible to find and discern the needles in the haystack. 

In other words, while real science may be very complex - because permeated with honest errors; the modern word is is not merely complex but chaotic - because overwhelmed with manipulative lies (as well as honest errors). 

The modern world is Not Even Trying to seek or speak truth (and neither is modern 'science').

People claim that the modern world is very complex and that it is hard to find the truth among so much information... this is false. 

The modern world is not complex, it is chaotic, it contains not information but noise, it consists not of  facts but mere 'data', it does not offer theories but models (which do not even attempt to capture reality, and are never tested against valid predictions). 

So, there is no way to scan and sift the overwhelming chaos of noise and data to discover whether or not there is real information and truth. 

In other words, top-down, 'evidence'-driven reasoning is now impossible. We need to proceed in a bottom-up and theoretically-driven fashion

And this is, in actuality, what everybody does - but most people adopt their bottom-up theory/s by passive and unconscious absorption from the mainstream media and officialdom - from those who are the same people and institutions that make the tsunami of hourly lies and errors which make modern life chaotic in the first place.

Thus modern Man 'copes' with the chaos of modern life by using chaotic pseudo-theories devised by chaos-generating specialists... 

(These chaotic pseudo-theories are what could be termed 'Leftism' in its incoherent, dishonest, protean, oscillating, slippery, self-denying actuality.)

So we get meaningless lies interpreted by incoherent fake-hypotheses - masquerading as reality, science, morality, truth... 

If not, then what? If we do not want to continue living in a demonically-generated chaos interpreted by incoherent pseudo-theories - then what should we do? Where should we turn, where can we turn?  

What is necessary is an understanding that can be grasped whole in a single act of knowing. Otherwise, we fall into the situation of my mid-1980s seeking, of (maybe) grasping one thing after another for a while, serially - but unable to put them together. 

As an antidote to our situation; I think we each need to seek that single moment of combined comprehension and motivation - which must be simple. 

Difficult to attain, yes; but not difficult to know once attained - because it has a young-child-like simplicity, immediacy, obviousness. 

This will be under continual assault from the daily deluge of lying-facts, from the pseudo-sophistication of secondhand serial hypotheses and micro-theories, and from the fake-objectivity of instantiating these lies and procedures into computer models. 

Your achieved childlike simplicity and knowledge will continually be labelled foolish, insane and/or evil by adolescent minded poseurs, arrogant psychopaths and cowardly sleepwalkers. 

So what is required needs to be consciously chosen - because the original unconscious and spontaneous understandings of childhood (adopted by instinct and from lack of alternatives) - so the simple-minded will be assimilated by the expediency of conforming to these evil assaults. 

Childlike simplicity needs explicitly to be sought, acknowledged, and held-fast-to with love; because it is regarded as true and best; and also because the holder sees-through to the evil motivations of those who assault him.

(Even when (as is usual) the assaulter does not himself know or acknowledge his own motivations and denies their demonic implications.) 

But anything less than this primal simplicity can and will be penetrated and broken apart by the multitude of forces advocating chaos; by the beating-down of inducements to fear, resentment and despair.  

Graspable truth is simple; and, as of 2021, that which is not-graspable is not truth.


Alex said...

"What is necessary is an understanding that can be grasped whole in a single act knowing. Otherwise, we fall into the situation of my mid-1980s seeking, of (maybe) grasping one thing after another for a while, serially - but unable to put them together. "

For me, this is the miracle in Fatima in 2017. A single one-thought "symbol" which encapsulates very strong evidence for the existence of God.

Alex said...

"For me, this is the miracle in Fatima in 2017"

I meant 1917, of course.

Ron Tomlinson said...

One simple truth I've grasped recently, partly with the help of this blog, is: you *cannot* be close with someone who is working for the other side. So there's no point trying. Which has lifted a burden.

TonguelessYoungMan said...

Perhaps us pre mortal spirits in this period are proud. You believe you can stand alone against the world? This is the challenge we chose.

Bruce Charlton said...

@TLM - I think the true choice is either rightly to stand against the world and its rulers, or wrongly to stand against God and creation.

Bruce Charlton said...

From Otto

Here is a long interview with a former Pfizer Vice President, about what is to come soon, which I think the readers here will find interesting.
The final conclusion:

“Towards a solution – ‘We need God’

“I’m a scientist, and I can tell you, talking to non-scientists, using science as a tool, will not work. It will fail.

“So, we need philosophers, people who understand logic, religion, something like that, [they have] got to wrestle with this, and start talking in a language people will understand. Because if we leave it with scientists, people like me, even though I’m well-intentioned, I’m a gabbling alien as far as most people in the street are concerned. They won’t believe the government will lie to them, they don’t believe the government would ever do anything that will harm them, but they are [doing such things].”

Finally, in an email correspondence, Dr. Yeadon concluded, “I have latest taken to signing off with ‘May God save us’, because I think we need God now more than at any time since WW2.”

@Otto - Yes, I saw this but I don't really encourage topical links here. It seems this chap is thinking for himself, reasoning out the possible motivations of principal actors from the pattern of actions. His conclusion - which is the only one he can think-of that accounts for the data - is that this the genetic engineering peck is probably a planned, mass depopulation. I agree that this is the best hypothesis at present - since depopulation is an explicit strategic aim of the world government, and this may be an effective yet concealable/ deniable way of achieving it. Whether this forwards the *demonic* agenda - I'm not so sure.