Monday 5 April 2021

Why the goal of Equality is intrinsically and metaphysically wrong

The reason why the socio-political goal of Equality is and always was intrinsically wrong, evil, anti-Christian; has been described clearly and effectively by  William Wildblood (I have added emphasis):

Equality is only possible with complete oneness which means either the chaos of unformed matter or the Night of Brahma when the universe has returned to an unexpressed, unmanifested state which is basically non-being. 

Creation is a disruption of oneness which breaks the perfect equality of non-being

Inequality is the essence of manifested life, the very foundation of the world, and the current movement to erase qualitative distinction and differences is an attempt to destroy cosmic order and reduce light to darkness.

From this very fundamental, metaphysical-level, argument; we can see that the rooting of Leftism in a quest for Equality always-was an evil motivation - even in the early days of Leftism, when Leftism was mixed with many good motivations, and attracted many good people. 

Of course, as of 2021, the evil of Leftism ought-to-be obvious. Yet, by now Leftism (including the appeal to Equality) are so dominant, so permeated-through global governance, mass media, corporations and institutions; as to be universal and unchallengeable in public discourse (indeed, increasingly, unchallengeable even in private discourse - except illegally). 

Now, thanks to William W, I can better understand that Equality is working against Creation; that Equality is an agent of Chaos - that it tends always to destroy meaning, purpose, human relationship and the possibility of loving God... 

Equality tends to destroy All that is Good, and even the possibility of Good.

Small wonder that Satan and his Lieutenants are such zealous advocates of Egalitarianism! Egalitarian ideology gives the forces of darkness everything they most want! 

Note: I do not, of course, intend to imply that Equality is the master-key principle of Leftism (since Leftism has no principle, and is oppositional in nature); nor that Leftism has ever made any serious attempt to create a genuinely equal world (whatever that might mean). 

Leftism merely uses Equality expediently, whenever it might be effective, as one of its rhetorical weapons in the intended destruction of that which is Good, of God, and from divine creation. 

In practice Equality is made to mean almost opposite things, including the deliberate construction of inequalities, according to whatever is judged to be most effectively destructive in specific context. 

However, by constant use over many generations, the universal desirability of Equality has become a truism, an assumption - to oppose which is regarded as deeply offensive --- and more shocking than even the most horrific means that are deployed supposedly in pursuit of Equality (such as the forcible surgical mutilation and hormonal poisoning of children under the pretense that this 'changes their sex' and is somehow necessary to create 'gender' Equality... which is - of course - supposed to be an intrinsically-ethical imperative).  


William Wildblood said...

I must give credit where it is due. These thoughts were put into my head from reading something by Nicolai Berdyaev who said
"Inequality is the basis of all cosmic order.... From inequality the world and the cosmos came into being. From inequality man, too, was born. Absolute equality would have left being in an unrevealed condition, in indifference, i.e. in non-being."
Thus, "the demand for a forced leveling, which comes out of the lower levels of chaotic darkness, is an attempt to destroy the hierarchic, cosmic order which was formed by the creative birth of light in darkness, an attempt to destroy human personality itself as a stage in [the] hierarchy..."

You can see I have only paraphrased this.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - But it's lucky you did paraphrase it, because I don't think the original passage would successfully have 'got the point across' for me!

William Wildblood said...

I found the quote online some time ago and noted it down because it enunciated something I felt but hadn't been able to put into words very well. I don't know what work of his it comes from.

Jackie Pratt said...

Nice. So, all things being equal......blah blah blah

Stephen Macdonald said...

I perceive a difference between William's point (Nicolai's) and the principle behind "All men are created equal" -- i.e., the "equality" of souls from God's perspective.

Bruce, might you comment on this distinction?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Nova - I don't think that 'all men are created evil' is true, at least not by any of the usual meanings of equal. At best it is more misleading than true.

I believe all men are created *unique*, hence un-equal.

I suppose the truth that is trying, and failing, to be expressed in that phrase is perhaps along the lines of "We are all God's beloved children". But love is never equal.

William Wildblood said...

Surely the phrase 'all men are created equal' comes from the Enlightenment not the Bible or spiritual tradition? The Bible says we are all one in Christ but that's a different thing. If I get to heaven I don't expect to be equal to St Peter.

Epimetheus said...

Isn't Equality just like Freedom in being a basic spiritual instinct in the West? I've found that when you attack the concept in public, people are instantly dismayed at the thought of the superior abusing the inferior - them, in other words. Stripping away all the Establishment's deceit, "equality" seems to indicate a basic backstop against the strong abusing the weak. At least that's what it seems to mean. Without the principle of Equality, the Western peasant fears mistreatment, cruelty, condescension, and enslavement.

Perhaps it's been used to replace the concepts of Love and Unity?

Bruce Charlton said...

@Epi - "I've found that when you attack the concept in public, people are instantly dismayed at the thought of the superior abusing the inferior - them, in other words."

All effective evil is permeated with good; which is incrementally stripped away with time.

"people are instantly dismayed at the thought of the superior abusing the inferior" - yes, that is how people 'think'...

...and the fact that the superior are actually abusing the inferior ('them' in other words) - increasing week by week - under the vague pretense of 'equality'; is a fact beyond their cowardly and confused minds.

Epimetheus said...

I still wonder whether there's a spiritual truth about Equality that provides a solution to codependency and narcissism.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Epi - I suspect that 'equality' had a very specific, probably legal, reference back in the 18th century. I think the US document may be contrasting the new nations with the old caste-system idea of different laws for different types of person as defined by birth - such as the Norman Kings and aristocrats versus the Saxon peasants.