Monday 26 April 2021

Living in the End Times - recognizing the reality, understanding the implications

I have been solidly convinced that these are the End Times for about a decade; but since the global coup of early last year - and with its continued invisibility - this is an everyday reality.

My understanding of the End Times is that it references the time when evil dominates the world, and when further decline becomes inevitable. The self-correcting possibilities of negative feedback (e.g. the 'pendulum swings' of history) has failed; and positive feedback (whereby each adverse change creates further adverse changes) has set-in. 

The evils of the world have become irreversible mainly because they are invisible to the mass of people and the totality of the Establishment. The incrementally-increasing value inversion of recent decades in The West has reached such a degree and compass that a world of evil rampant is regarded as a beneficial development. 

The System built on Big Lies and elaborated from a web of dishonesty and propaganda-manipulation, has a totalizing quality such that all worldly considerations are encompassed. Every apparent this-worldly (i.e. social-political-psychological) 'dissent' or 'escape' turns-out to be a loop-back into The System. 

All apparent 'conflict' (between capital and province, political parties, media, nations...) turns-out to be stage-managed; with both sides operating as part of The System. 

For a Christian who recognizes the reality that The System is a machine for evil; there is no way of engaging with those inside The System. 

The modern world is materialist (denying the reality of God and the spirit); and The System identifies, interprets and explains all material things. Those who accept the material assumptions, cannot get outside of The System - not even in imagination; they cannot escape - even in principle. 

In these End Times there is only the material, and The System is the material; and therefore The System includes all minds, all thinking - as well as all action. 

So, any thinking outside The System is simply incomprehensible: stupid, insane and/ or evil.  

And this is how a material system ends-up by controlling the spirit: how a material-system can become (in effect) a spiritual-process leading to damnation.   

Nearly all self-identified Christians are inside The System - and their 'Christianity' operates in The System - because all institutions, organizations, corporations are (they Just Are) parts of The System because they must be in order to function. 

All actually-existing churches are System Churches; because they are a part of the economy, receive subsidies and pay taxes, have legal identities, are employers, deploy Public Relations and interact with the media, are part of the education system... Nearly-all churches sustain one, several or all of the current strategic socio-political agendas (e.g. birdemic, climate, antiracism, sexual revolution).

Thus All actual churches are components of The System. 

Therefore all 'Christians' who are 'spiritually' led-by churches are in The System; are part of System-evil; hence on the opposite side than God the creator and Jesus Christ.  

And this situation is (by now) irreversible - because invisible, because denied (even as a possibility). 

Millions upon million of ex-Christians have-been, are-being, led into The System by their churches; each endorsed by the dogma that resistance is futile, because there is no alternative because we must be part-of a System (church) and Now there is Only One System

This is what happens in the End Times. The principle of value inversion means that what was Good becomes evil; the churches - which were once sole-agents of Christianity, have become agents of Antichrist. 

Unless, that is... we live from a spiritual source outside of The System (including The Churches). 

The System is, in fact, a tiny and self-circumscribed part of the real world. Outside The System there is God and creation, spiritual beings, living and conscious nature; and there is each Man in his divine self.

...Man's divine self in the direct, intuitive knowing of heart-thinking.

Yet all of these are individually-known; all requires conscious knowledge of reality; all require free agency and acting by-choice; deliberately, explicitly, from the-self. 

To live this way, rooted outside The System and in the divine, is very simple. It is within the capacity of anybody who wants to do it...

But of course, hardly anybody wants to do it - and indeed most Christians regard it as evil, and Anti-Christian, to do it...

This is the nature of the End Times; and what makes them the End. 

Lies are asserted as mandatory Truth; that which is obvious is invisible; that which is Good becomes regarded as evil - and evil is the only existent 'good'. 

That which must be done to affirm God and Jesus Christ becomes regarded as self-evidently (without need for proof or refutation) crazy, dumb, nonsensical. Thus what must be done becomes regarded as precisely that which cannot and should-not be done. 

The answer to the End Time lies in our own hands, requires nobody else's permission, cannot be stopped by any power, and may be commenced immediately...

But because these are indeed the End Times: what is necessary and do-able is exactly that which will not be done. 


agraves said...

Imagine that tomorrow Pope Francis, his cardinals and bishops, set out a new policy for Christians and their relationship to the world. They set out a policy to speak about the actual function of the Church in this world. No more politics, no more supporting social causes, no more watering down the message that stood for two thousand years. All of that stopped and now with a focus on the soul, its experience in the afterlife, peace among men, etc. It would shock the world and cause many to clutch their pearls in tears. But ask your typical Christian if he even has a soul or believes in an afterlife or God and you get a stammer, or "I have no idea". So the Church has enormous latent power it is not using out of fear or simply have no wish to do so. A sign of the end times is having the ability to right the ship but choosing not to.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ag - "A sign of the end times is having the ability to right the ship but choosing not to."

That's it. And then, of course, to deny their choice.

George said...

I had a conversation with a fellow parishioner after Mass on Sunday and was surprised he agreed completely with Bruce's general assessment (though he is firmly Catholic). His assessment is that the hierarchy has completely failed us, we are living in the End Times, and will probably no longer have the privilege to attend Mass much longer. To "bring things to a point" it's believed that the Pope may alter the new Mass in such a way as to completely break it from tradition and try to invalidate the rights. I hadn't heard this before, but it does seem the next step (beyond not allowing people to attend Mass) to completely invert it and make it that of the anti-Christ.

We discussed options (such as homesteading, which he had done previously) and his opinion was that it wouldn't work - just as Bruce has argued - because all is fully integrated into the system and dependent on it by various means (fuel, machines, industrial products, etc, etc) and that Christians can't run away/escape it - for more than a short period - and perhaps even those who "run away" may face greater persecution and trials.

I found it sobering anyway, especially in that he seemed to agree with Bruce in all major points despite having never read this blog... I've been looking diligently for a material solution or an escape plan - as have all of us in the US I suppose (suburb migrations, rural migrations, etc. etc.).

Paying attention to what is really happening is enlightening. I live 30 minutes from the nearest small city & everything is sold. There are no properties available. If something comes in the market it sells immediately. People know "something is happening" and are looking for market/system solutions - as at the moment the system leaves you relatively "alone" if you're on your own property outside the city. My old home (a small suburb with a homeowners association) sounds like an insane asylum. Neighbors arguing, screaming, name calling, sending their kids outside in masks, calling the police, etc.

Sean G. said...

"To "bring things to a point" it's believed that the Pope may alter the new Mass in such a way as to completely break it from tradition and try to invalidate the rights"

From what I've seen of Catholic mass, I'm not sure what more breaking would be needed. Anything else at this point would seem academic.

Francis Berger said...

This is extremely dark and negative, but whenever I think about System Christians these days, the idiom "like lambs to the slaughter" inevitably bobs to the surface of my mind. It pains me to think about it.

A said...

Sorry, typo. I meant "rites" - the belief among faithful Catholics are that the rites (the consecration of the host to truly become the Body & Blood of God) are valid in the New Mass even if the rest of the Mass a scandal.

Among Catholics who actually attend Mass, nearly half don't believe in the True Presence, so a change that invalidates the rite would be unnoticed by about half of Catholics. It would be a "coming to a point" moment where Faithful Catholics would need to figure out how to respond despite.

I've seen good Priests struggling deeply with this. Unfortunately, even among many otherwise good Priests, they put "obedience" to evil, worldly prelates above obedience to God. The rationalization is that obedience is a virtue, and God put the evil person in charge, so we're require to follow and do evil (like wear a mask, wreck the Mass, fire an honest employee who didn't kneel) so long as it is not overt evil. They probably would have led Jesus to the cross, but maybe they wouldn't have actually put the nail in.

Jacob Gittes said...

"The answer to the End Time lies in our own hands, requires nobody else's permission, cannot be stopped by any power, and may be commenced immediately...

But because these are indeed the End Times: what is necessary and do-able is exactly that which will not be done."

But individuals can do what is necessary, despite the fact that nobody around them is doing what is necessary, and they have no institutional support.

And once one single soul does what is necessary, maybe another will. And another...
The biggest stumbling block I see even in the local Mennonites and other more independent small churches is Romans 13: "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."

It should be obvious to thinking Christians that Romans is a letter written by a man, and not necessarily a divine commandment.

For myself, the only governing authority I will follow without question is divine authority as revealed by my inner knowing, moral convictions, and intuition. For example, taking a medication that is demonstrably more dangerous than the disease it claims to protect us from is both insane and immoral. It's also immoral to experiment on children with these injections, as they are doing.

joe said...

Paul was also writint under the Roman empire where whatever the governing authority might be, an atheist was not on the list and the limit of obedience was worshipping idols because most likely the authority would be polytheist. Paul can't give us much advice on what to do about atheist "democratic" governments because he could not possibly have conceived of such a thing ever arising.

Christopher Burke said...

It sounds good, but be aware that George Soros and his ilk are guided by inner knowing, moral convictions, and intuition. Using that as a guide is like getting a note from God in your own handwriting.

Bruce Charlton said...

@CB - Nothing is easier than asking for a brief summary then picking it apart as being insufficiently precise. If you are expecting the encapsulation of a way of life in a few words of mine, yet don't trouble to discover what is meant by those key words in my usage - I'm afraid that you will leave with nothing more than you brought.

Pilgrim said...

I am reading a book called the third Horsman by William Rosen about how a sudden change in weather (along with corruption, greed and shortsightedness) brought about a famine that killed between 10 and 20% of the population of Europe starting in 1315 - soon after that ended, the Black Plague hit... I know I sound like a kook, but I put considerable study into the climate of late, and there are people who believe that this next winter will be the worst one we’ve had in years, will affect our ability to feed people and keep them warm. It could, like in 1315, bring about serious societal change, and may be the prick to burst the bubble that has been formed by all this corruption and evil. I have to constantly remember, and tell the clients I see on a regular basis, that this is not my world but it is God’s world, and there is no doubt that he has a plan. God does not guarantee us safety, only the chance to be saved, and I am getting ready to do my part when called.

Pilgrim said...

Bruce - My comment was a reply to Joe’s comment above - I like what he had to say, but only was pointing out the danger of using “ inner knowing, moral convictions, and intuition” (his words) as the arbiter of truth. Of note, I really like your blog and it has become one of my go to sites I check every day - thank you!

Pilgrim said...

Excuse me - not Joe, but Jake above him -

Bruce Charlton said...

@P - The key point now is that our situation is essentially unprecedented. It is not a repetition of anything in history, although there are (of course) some similarities. But the essence is new.

Pilgrim said...

Very good point - I was overly focused on the eschatological aspects of what they faced and what it seems we are facing -