Thursday 22 April 2021

Woven from strands of creation and chaos: The nature of this mortal life

There is not just creation in this mortal world; but there is also chaos interwoven; around us, within us,  everywhere. 

Chaos is what undoes all creation on this earth - it is 'entropy' - the tendency to decay, disease, corruption, death... Every Being, entity, "thing" is always unravelling, dying. 

So, in this world, we are continually choosing either to affiliate with the divine creation, or with chaos. 

There is a divine energy behind creation. In affiliating we creation we (as children of God) give some of our own divine energies to the divine creation. But in affiliating with chaos we are reducing creation to chaos - and some of these creation-energies are released, and taken...

Thus creation is an active participation that enhances the whole; while to affiliate to chaos is to be a parasite (at best!) - destroying the wholeness of creation, and taking the energies of creation for oneself. 

We are here to choose

Which do we love? Creation? Do we want to join-with creation and draw-upon the the creative essence in our-selves to add to creation, harmoniously? 

Or, do we intend to use creation for our own goals; do we want to take and redirect the energies released as creation is destroyed? 

Or, do we want divine creation to be controlled, directed and shaped in accordance with our own (totalitarian, this-world, socio-political) ideology? 

Or, perhaps we simply hate creation, resent its very existence; and want to see it destroyed; will even use our own energies to see it destroyed (even whether or not we personally benefit from that destruction). 

But the core choice is binary: Are we for divine creation; or (in some way) against it. 

Because being against creation, one may change one's motivations, as corruption affects a person, as evil gets a grip and attains mastery over a soul.. 

The lust-full hedonist becomes a soul-less bureaucrat becomes one who loathes all that is Good simply because it is Good... 

Such is this mortal life of mine, of yours - woven from strands of creation and chaos. 

Life comes to us; in thought as well as action - like it or not. And we choose between the strands - again and again until the final choice. 

We experience both sides of life; we are intended to learn what these two possibilities entail and imply; we should learn to discern between them - to know them the one from the other. 

So, we live this life; we our-selves are both divine, and also we are always returning to chaos. We are compelled to choose where our affiliation lies... 

We may change sides for a while, but eventually we must pick sides: forever

Are we to become a co-creator in the divine work of creating (resurrected life in Heaven)? 

Or are we to become an exploiter-of creation; do we aspire to become a parasite, a tyrant or destroyer of creation? 

Such is our mortal life, such is this dual world of creation and entropy and our life of choosing, our life - ultimately - of making a commitment one way, or the other. To join-with and participate in creation... Or, else to reduce creation towards chaos for our own purposes - whether to vampirically feed-upon creation's energies, to control and direct creation, or reduce creation to chaos from sheer destructive spitefulness. 


Francis Berger said...

Well put. The emphasis on the choice between chaos and creation - particularly the ultimate eternal choice between the two - is very important.

I also appreciate the re-framing of the Luciferic, Ahrimanic, and Sorath as parasite, tyrant, and destroyer. A comprehensible and accessible framework through which to understand these three forms of evil.

Bruce Charlton said...


Thanks. In this post I was thinking of creation as being a resource that the powers of evil use and use-up.

Indeed, all action in this world seems to increase entropy; because to modern Man creation is invisible and excluded by assumption (I speak from personal experience in this).

But creation must come before entropy.

As usual, the Ahrimanic attitude is hardest to understand - but I was quite pleased with the comparison with an attempt to take over and redirect creation to anti-creative ends. That is certainly how it felt in the Systems I worked - the National Health Service and Universities... Everything they did (every new change and 'reform') degraded creative energies and the individual person's who were the source of Good; but while they survived the System used them (or tried to) for its own purposes.

Ahrimanic bureaucrats of the earlier post-millennial era were (for a while) keen on advertising their 'passion' for noble causes, their support of 'creativity' or (approved) whacky and pseudo-eccentric (vetted and neutered) 'independent thinkers', their support of 'local' initiatives etc - and running media propaganda to that effect... Until their bosses told them otherwise, and then they crushed them all!