Friday 18 June 2021

Global evil is of two kinds, demonic minority and atheist masses: the God-rejecters and the God-deniers

What follows is a quick sketch of how it is that a small minority of actively, consciously, demonically God-rejecting beings; are able to lead a mass majority of passive, unconscious, atheist God-deniers. 

In this world there is a spiritual war between the pro- and anti-God sides; Good is the side of God, and evil is the side against God. 

(Thus evil is defined negatively - in terms of what it is against.) 

Belief in God (or gods) is spontaneous to humans; and through most of history this belief nearly always remained through life. 

People did not choose to believe in God - it was the default; and to be an atheist (if that was even cognitively possible) was a choice. 

This meant that evil was mainly the preserve of those who knew that God was real but were against God. 

Evil was thus demonic in nature - since the demons are assumed to be angelic spirits who know (from personal experience) the reality of God and have chosen to oppose God. 

When the modern era arrived (which happened incrementally in The West, over several generations - evident from around the middle 1700s), this situation was reversed. Man's consciousness developed (or 'evolved' in the old meaning of the word) - in response to divine plans. 

All children were still born as theists (and still are) - but the default position of adults became disbelief in God; so that for an adult to believe in God became a choice. 

A modern Man who believes in God must choose to do so. And yet Not to make this choice is a spiritual illness. 

It seems that God wanted modern Men to become the first truly active and conscious Christians. If we do not choose to be Christians, we will not be Christians. 

Naturally, God wants all men to make the choice to believe in Him; but the freedom to choose brings the possibility of choosing-not. And that is what has, mostly, happened. 

So we have a world of majority atheists who are spiritually ill from their failure to choose God; and this spiritual illness cripples their ability to think consecutively and coherently so that they cannot understand and cannot learn. 

The atheist masses have made a belief-choice which renders them the most easily, and permanently, manipulate-able people the world has ever known! 

This heralded the modern era of atheism: which is a new kind of evil. The evil of having Not chosen to believe in God and thereby rendering oneself into a dupe of demons. 

Instead of opposing God, the modern 'default atheist' did not believe in God - indeed the modern atheist spontaneously disbelieves in many things that people are born believing and were taken for granted through much of human history (the soul, spirits, life after death etc.).

For a while, there was a situation in which many or most people did Not believe in God but - by inertia, and the overlapping of generations - the properties of a God-believing society were retained. 

But now the modern Western (i.e. developed) world contains mostly default-atheists, mostly God-deniers; the mass majority of those who have Not chosen to believe in God. 

So evil in 2021 consists of a minority of Beings of demonic evil; who know that God is real and oppose Him; and a large majority of those who have Not chosen to believe in God; and who therefore by default find themselves atheists on the side of evil and against God. 

This applies to most self-identified Christians - because the System of (bureaucratically-linked) human social institutions is God-denying; including most of the major Christian denominations and churches whose 'belief in God' is embedded in a God-denying ideology of functionality. 

For instance whether one is a politician, economist, financier, professor, lawyer, soldier, journalist, businessman, charity worker, or church leader - one's professional, functional life will be entirely materialistic and bureaucratic: intrinsically God-denying. 

Only at a low level within The System - simple manual labour, perhaps; and outside The System in good family life - is this implicitly-atheistic thinking absent.

The 2021 evil alliance is thus led by a minority of consciously-evil demonic Beings (human and angelic); and staffed by masses of passive atheists. 

The God-rejecters leading the God-deniers.

To be against God means to be against divine creation (i.e. all that is natural) and against The Good (i.e. that which is true, beautiful, virtuous - and coherent). This is exactly what we see in the world - more and more obviously and aggressively with every passing month. 

The 2021 evil alliance is negative and oppositional. It works by the demonic elements selecting Good targets, and labelling them as 'evil' by means of value-inverting* concepts such as equality, social justice, feminism, antiracism, environmentalism, the sexual revolution agenda and the birdemic. 

(*Value-inverting; because if these concepts are considered 'Good', then real Good becomes re-conceptualized as evil.) 

Value-inverting concepts are incoherently posited as the highest Good - incoherently because each such Good is posited in an absolute and uncompromising fashion so that there can be no concept of coherent Good - only vague and always-shifting slogans; which disguise ant-Good negativity as a fake-positive 'ideology'. 

The atheist masses are passive and unconscious of real values, incapable of thinking and of learning; and incapable of courage. The God-deniers will therefore behave expediently (as they understand it) go-along-with any-thing sufficiently powerful and pervasive; and in 2021 power and persuasion are on the side of value inversion. 

The atheist masses like to think or hope that their unconsciousness and passivity absolve them of all responsibility for the evil which they do. However, their primary choice Not to believe in God has been conscious and active (even though they chose from unbelief - choice is still choice), and the consequences of responsibility follow. 

By denying-God, the masses have become followers of the devil. Albeit atheists regard the devil as a ridiculous childish superstition; they nonetheless serve Satan in all required respects, blindly following wherever he leads - incapable of value-discernment because they reject that capability. 

This is ultimately why modern Man cherishes his ignorance and asserts his irresponsibility with such vehemence - by doctrines that life is 'really' nothing by determinism and random chance. By pretending to believe in a world where nothing really matters, he hopes to avoid blame for his compliance with evil.


David Earle said...

This is an impressive and clarifying summation of the situation. Atheists may claim disbelief in God, but yet their values and metaphysical assumptions are conveniently in direct polar conflict with God--and Satan-serving--but this is never recognized.

"God isn't real and I hate him."

William Wildblood said...

Superb essay. What people completely fail to understand now is that the nature of evil has changed. Now it has moved from being principally a material thing (murder, violence, lying, cheating etc) to being a spiritual thing - denial of God. Or reality since God is reality. And this denial can only come from a misaligned spiritual will so it is never innocent. The old evils still remain, of course, but a deeper sin has been added to them, all the worse for not being regarded as such.

Jacob Gittes said...

Wonderful essay. I still remember my personal feeling of being able to sense God as a child. It was quickly burned out by multiple forces. It's been a long, slow journey to choose God again. I like the fact that the journey is a challenge and never-ending.

One one level, we've been taught to rationalize all bad choices as a deterministic product of the environment: criminals couldn't help being criminals, because of their upbringing and environment. The same could be said of atheists.
When one somehow stumbles into believing in God, though, and the non-material, non-deterministic, even non-linear world of the spirit, it is no longer tenable that individuals "had no choice." I believe that every soul has access to incredible discernments and connections and insights if they just open their hearts to it.
So maybe it's the state of the heart that is primary? Closing oneself off from the love of God?

The Continental Op said...

A+ , Dr Bruce.

I have observed a big difference between ancient Israel and Christianity. In Israel people were born into it, and didn't choose it. One reads the Old Testament and sees the occasional man who is "all-in", such as David, and he is a stark contrast with the people around him.

Christianity is an all-volunteer army, made up of people who have made the choice to go "all-in". What you call System Christianity is more like the old Israel. It's encrusted with System characteristics: in the world, and of the world.

I've noticed this in raising children. At some point they have to volunteer for it, otherwise they're just coasting in a default mode of "I believe but an not all in on it" which they will turn into a System Christian eventually.

jana gatien said...

Nailed it! Thank you. This idea:
"For a while, there was a situation in which many or most people did Not believe in God but - by inertia, and the overlapping of generations - the properties of a God-believing society were retained."
Thank you for articulating this. I often think variations of it. Like an echo of godliness permeated the west til now, but w no sincere spiritual architecture to back it up. And along comes stupid liberalism and blows that flimsy veneer to the ground! Simulation of morality: over.
A great essay, Bruce. Will share.

Francis Berger said...

". . .a small minority of actively, consciously, demonically God-rejecting beings; are able to lead a mass majority of passive, unconscious, atheist God-deniers . . . "

This crucial point is often overlooked. Though they pretend otherwise, the minority is fully aware and cognizant of the spiritual. Their aims and objectives are fundamentally spiritual.

The minority, on the other hand, is de-spiritualized to such a point that they cannot even fathom the concept of spiritual objectives, be they Good or evil. As such, they have forfeited the rudimentary resources needed to recognize let alone resist the negative spiritual aims and objectives of the minority.

Bruce Charlton said...

Dear commenters - thanks for the kind words.