Wednesday 11 October 2023

Spiritual preparation for war: looking beyond mortal life (in both directions)

As the Sorathic powers do their best to escalate the current war in scope and severity; preparation becomes urgent - and since this is primarily a spiritual war, and the world is more evil-affiliated than ever before (so far as we know): spiritual preparation is primary. 

The main spiritual preparation for an increased possibility of death (oneself perhaps; but more likely from the broader range of loved ones, family, friends, neighbours) is to be on the right side. This means having primary affiliation not to any socio-political entity; but to the side of God, divine creation and Jesus Christ: to want salvation and be prepared to leave-behind all yours sins (i.e. repent) in order to reach Heaven. 

But, beyond that, I think it is a great help to put this mortal life into context; which (for me) is to look beyond mortal life in both directions

That is; our life now is in a frame; from-within-which we should both be looking back to before this incarnated/ embodied mortal life -- as well as looking forward to after and beyond this life - to what comes after the body dies. 

In other words; we need to to understand that birth was not the beginning nor is death the end; and we urgently need to sort-out the relevant realities of this situation for ourselves; what it implies for us, and for everyone-else. 

This means that, as well as acknowledging your basic situation; you ought to continue and analyze whether or not you are really satisfied with what you currently are telling yourself is really-true...

And whether you personally endorse your current understanding of "the human condition" from your deepest intuitive convictions

(...Whether, that is, you are prepared to take individual responsibility for your convictions - and not try to hand-over ultimate responsibility to some external institution or source.)

As of 2023, as we now are; only on such a basis can we be prepared for death - which is vital whether or not any of us (later or soon) are involved in a destructive war. 


Jeffrey Cantrell said...

Excellent article. Of course, this is what we should have been doing all along. The current cycle of events merely makes it all more poignant. As has been commented on before, the polarization of positions, events, and nearly everything else has simply made the middle ground untenable. People are having to make a choice, and I fear that most will make that choice based on the direction their fears are being channeled. Few will be able to see above the "mess" and choose wisely. This is, after all, much of the symbolism behind the Medusa.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Jeffrey - It does seem that the distractions and comforts of modern life discourage serious spiritual consideration - and hard-thinking in general. Consequently; masses of people (apparently) choose damnation because they prefer this prospect to a Heaven where they must leave-behind their favourite sin/s.

My best guess is that the demonic powers who (more or less) rule the world nowadays realize that Men are now so corrupt that the present System that supplies our 24/7 entertainments and addictions simply *cannot* be continued much longer; so They are trying to direct and control the inevitable collapse in ways that will prevent spiritual awakening.

I think there main strategy is to make Men wholly materialistic, so that when the material 'goods' are removed, and life becomes suffering - then Men will despair and desire their own (and others) annihilation - instead of (as in the past) turning to God.

Jeffrey Cantrell said...

I tend to agree with you. That is part of the diabolic nature of this corruption effort. It reminds me of CS Lewis' book Perelandra which I see as an allegory for the temptation of Eve in the Garden. When I was a youth, no one ever raised the dialogue between the devil and Eve as anything other that a quick QA pair. Ex. Q: Here, eat this apple. A: OK. When I read Perelandra, it seems more likely that the devil worked on Eve for a very long time, employing sophisticated arguments, all in an attempt to wear her down. That is what I see affecting most people today. unfortunately, most people seem to lack that fundamental, bedrock sense of self, purpose, right/wrong, integrity, etc., all of which contribute to a sense of spirituality that accepts Christianity as the key.