Friday 6 October 2023

What's new in the Satanic agenda since 2020? War, mainly.

The greatest novelty from the Global Establishment since the totalitarian coup of 2020 is surely war, specifically engineering and escalating world war III; presented as "a good thing" or even as an absolutely essential thing. 

This is a tough sell for the totalitarians! - because the kind of war which is being pushed-for will destroy all the (albeit incoherent) aims of the existing major-core leftists issues, by which the world has been changed. All-out, everywhere, world war - will put an end to Great Reset type 'concerns' about a climate 'emergency', the transagenda, antiracism... and all the rest of that kind of thing. 

All these leftist-evil-agendas depend upon the 'rulers' and their minions accepting, and living-by, the delusion that their pet projects will incrementally be implemented in a future society dedicated to this-kind-of-stuff. 

Of course, these pet projects are all in actuality socially-destructive in effect, and therefore can never really be implemented; because the more rapidly the agendas 'succeed', the more rapidly society will crumble - so the authorities will be unable to impose them. 

That awareness of the incompatibility of world war (2023 style) with new-left-totalitarianism is, however, blocked by continual propaganda and the continual construction of a virtual-reality; a 'virtuality' existing in a closed-circle of mutually-reinforcing mass-media with bureaucratic statements and rules. 

But war? It is indeed a very tough sell to convince bureaucrats and media moguls that a long-term, unrestricted, international war will be compatible with their cherished ideologies! Because it simply isn't!

Yet, remarkably, for the past year-and-a-half; they do seem to have been convinced! 

Convinced by a combination of multiple Total Lies with increased censorship, and levels of frenzied national-demonization not seen for a century... Indeed, recent demonization and persecutions of the Fire Nation and its citizens have been in some ways (especially financial and economic) never before seen anywhere or at any time in the modern era. 

The leadership/ minion class has not even noticed that the sanctions and measures imposed ostensibly to destroy the Fire Nation have, in fact and surely quite clearly, harmed the imposing nations - and that was their intention from the very start, which is why they continue to be escalated. By such means; the war has been used to accelerate the purposive-suicide of The West (the West being Satan's prime target in recent generations - even above the Fire Nation). 

So, the stupidity and obedience of the rulers and their minions turns out to be very great indeed; and they really seem not to have noted the gross and widening discrepancy between the bureaucratic-media version of reality, and what they can observe and experience for themselves!

But the longer the situation continues, and the wider the gap in realities, the more difficult it seems to be to sell a proposed war of unprecedented destruction as being (somehow!) helpful to the attainment of the totalitarian-leftist 'utopia' of Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset!

I think that this is what is going-on behind-the-scenes of the Western Establishment at present. 

All the participants are affiliated with evil, servants of Satan; but the mostly-evil Ahrimanic totalitarians are (at last!) starting to wake-up to the incompatibility of their ultra-controlled world-view with the chaos of wreckage and killing, favoured by of the more-wholly-evil Sorathic spiteful-destroyers. 

I personally do not want either of these groups to prevail! 

Indeed, the mostly-but-partly evil totalitarians vision of a world of omni-surveillance and total mind-control is spiritually even worse than a world of total war, horrific bodily suffering, and mega-death. 

Mankind has painted itself into this Satanic corner, by many generations of wrong and evil choices and decisions - and by continuing in these falsehoods. There are no good options for The World. 

Maybe we will be faced with a choice between supporting wholesale spiritual destruction (totalitarianism) or else supporting gross physical destruction (war)... certainly that seems like the way that Satan desires us to see things. 

I hope that - when the crunch comes - I will choose neither.  


whiteknight32be said...

This is an almost prophetic post you wrote yesterday (see what is happening in Israël today) Bruce! And that's sad, for sure, because the message in it was clear yet sobering, when rightly understood.

The 'virtuality' mentioned is definitely going on while coinciding with 'the next level down', destroying the human soul (or at least a serious attempt to do so) by creating a sort of cyborg-like organism through promoting transhumanism (and making thàt appear as desirable). Many if not most humans are entrapped or on the road to being entrapped. Few even think about 'escaping' (and I do believe it IS possible but incredibly challenging, the 'Road Least Traveled' for sure).


By implementing "The only way to win is not to play". Douglas Adams was - possibly - the first to mention this in his book, "The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy"(1980). More people will remember the phrase from the movie "Wargames" (1983). Yet when one studies Gnosticism and the Essenes, the Nag Hammadi and other such writings, it is quite clear that this strategy is much older. I do think the early gnostics already knew ànd applied this notion.

Today, because "the world is what it is", this is much, much harder. But we should at least try and do the best we can to find our own personal way to "incorporate" this in our daily lives.

By NOT supporting wholesale spiritual destruction NOR supporting gross physical destruction. And by supporting Gnoti Seautun ("Know Thyself") to the extreme (and that's a personal thing).

Bruce Charlton said...

@wk. Thanks.

The insuperable problem (it seems to me) is that- because The System has now penetrated all essential areas of life - we Must play if we are to live. Withdrawal is not an option.

Therefore (and I think this is not an accident, but divinely intended) the 'not playing', not-supporting, etc Must move from the material and into the spiritual realm.

Furthermore, to be effective (and this is something specific to the consciousness of modern Man) this needs to be explicit.

In other words, we need explicitly (within our own consciousness) to spiritually-reject as much of the agenda of evil of which we are aware; and we also need actively to make these discernments of the agenda of evil.

This explicit/ active necessity has come about because the world we inhabit is such that evil has become the default of passivity and unconsciousness. (This was not always - and perhaps was only very rarely) the case in the ancient past - for example it seems that in many ancient societies, to be normal was to be on the side of good.

For us, here and now, to be normal is to be on the side of evil.

whiteknight32be said...

It is true, withdrawal is not an option. Withdrawal from (physical) life would be suicide, and I don't think either one of us can agree with that.
But we can spiritually "not play".

Some time ago I felt attracted to the Cathars (their gnostic way of life). I didn't fully "get it" then , but I think they were exactly doing that: not playing spiritually and not "feed" those that were already then exploiting humanity.

An explicit (spiritual) rejection of the agenda of evil is definitely a necessity. Talking about it is not enough, action (and that's a personal thing) is required.

Normalcy is not so easy to define. To be normal is to be like "the norm" (or most other people). In some societies cannibalism was the norm (Fiji a few hunderd years ago). In others pedophilia was normal (ancient Greek culture). In others yet killing newborn babies was "the norm" (Sparta in ancient days) if they were considered "not strong enough" to live in that society. And so on.

How do we define - in as absolute terms as possible - what it means to be "on the side of good"?

Bruce Charlton said...

@wk - It is something of a 'mantra' for me that motivation is the most important thing. So withdrawal from The System as such is - ultimately - only beneficial if either done for the right motivations, or if it leads to the right motivations.

Being on the side of good is simple: it is being on the side of God and divine creation - to share the motivations and methods of this - which is, ultimately, to live only by love (love, as I understand it, includes - is inseparable from, creation.

In other words, to take the side of Good is to desire (as one's own motivation) to participate in divine creation.

Evil is, equally simply, to oppose God and divine creation.

Epimetheus said...

The Fire Nation leader must be receiving something of the same protection as Candidate Trump did. He and his men have fought their war in a remarkably cautious and methodical way.

William (Bill) Meisheid said...

As to not playing… If you look at the general direction of Hollywood media, you may notice that one of the main themes of recent decades is the elevation of vengeance by the establishment of someone who steps in to stop the “bad guys” whether that is a superhero or just some well trained individual like the Equalizer. This is not self-defense, which can always be spiritually defended. This is actively engaging the evil in a physical, vengeful way. It crosses the line into God’s purview where he has said, “vengeance is mine.” I believe that is something we need to be very careful about in the coming days. This is why I get very upset at people like Vox Day and his overt support of dealing with boomers using the “Day of the Pillow”. We are being tempted to support vengeance, even if we’re not doing it ourselves. I believe this will become a significant issue in the not too distant future.

Bruce Charlton said...

@WBM - I agree in that vengeance usually comes from resentment, which is a very prevalent (much encouraged) sin of these times. Also, some nations/ ethnicities in particular have strong traditions of resentment.