Tuesday 17 October 2023

We need-to learn-to do-without "spiritual technologies"

At this phase and stage of things; I am increasingly convinced that we need to work-towards doing-without "spiritual technologies"; because such technologies become less-and-less effective at achieving their aims, and more-and-more likely to corrupt people into alignment with the increasingly evil rulership of this mortal world. 

By spiritual* "technologies" I mean all the many kinds of mediators and aids to spirituality - including some that were once regarded as absolutely essential to Christian salvation. 

I mean "technologies" such as spiritual (or holy) books, artefacts, institutions, activities (e.g. rituals), initiation procedures, drugs, meditative practices and so forth.   

All spiritual technologies in all areas of their usage are weakening, dwindling in effect, and now seem (ever-more-clearly, to me!) to be treated as little more than lifestyle options (almost clubs or 'hobbies') - even/ especially among those who most stridently assert their primacy. 

(For instance: the way that the Roman Catholic Church suspended Mass internationally and without time-limit in 2022, demonstrated their real attitude to such sacraments - Analogous examples could be found for the other Christian denominations and major religions.)

If Not Then What? If we are, as I think we must - sooner or later - to do without these; what instead can guide us and motivate us? 

If we do not have such law-books, such 'blueprints' for living; we instead need:

First - to be clearer about our ultimate aims.

Second - to be clear about the values, according to which such aims will be pursued.

Third - to be conscious of our strongest inner motivations; and seek among them for motivations in accordance with the aims and values we choose to pursue. 

*"Spiritual" I regard as (approximately, in brief) having to do with awareness of dwelling in a living divine creation. Such spirituality is (now, and increasingly) an essential pre-requisite to Christianity. 

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