Thursday 12 October 2023

Mainstream Left-Right totalitarians, versus the Radical Left (agents of chaos) - Office politics among the demon-affiliated

The Left includes all of the discourse in the public space - so it can be called more accurately the Left-Right - which primary objective is totalitarian - that is, it aims at omni-surveillance and total-control - with the spiritual objective of normalizing and propagating value-inversion, and thereby mass human damnation. 

The Left has a minority radical wing, whose primary objective is chaos i.e. violent 'revolution'. The radical Left are agents of chaos, their methods are often chaotic, and they desire increased chaos as an outcome. 

The mainstream-totalitarian Left and the radical-revolutionaries can be distinguished, in terms of their priority and main methods; but they cannot be divided - because they are both part of the same movement of the Left; and each depends on the other. 

The totalitarians need the radical, because radicals are the fantasy heroes, inventers, and 'conscience' (actually, a kind-of inverted anti-conscience!) of the bureaucrats and functionaries. The radicals are the energy and inspiration; the avant-garde - and the totalitarians follow. 

And the radicals need the totalitarians; because it is the bureaucrats and mass media who create the protected and subsidized environment in which radicals can survive and thrive, which provide exposure and influence via the media, and who defend the radicals against the only real enemies of the Left-Right (i.e. real Christians). 

What we are seeing at present, is one of the periodic spats of office politics within the Left-Right. 

The demon-serving powers of evil who sit above the mainstream, have set up a new Leftist Civil War within the mainstream - a war between the totalitarian majority mainstream, who support one side; and the radical minority mainstream who support the other. 

This new war will energize and entertain the mainstream of both kinds - especially those who have become bored and directionless. It gives them something urgent to fight for. 

The 2022 war was useless for this purpose; because the entire mainstream, both totalitarians and radicals, were solidly united in opposition to the Fire Nation. Dull, dull, dull...

But the totalitarians and radicals of the mainstream are really excited just now! Both taking hard-lines, and flinging outrageous accusations at each other; because this is a power struggle within The Party, among those who currently control the world. 

Because it is a power struggle among individuals of totalitarian and radical cast, the personal stakes are high! Potential rewards and punishments are extremely different according to who is winning. 

But it is fun, also, because (unlike the Fire Nation situation, where mainstream dissent is crushed) ultimately the new-war stakes are so low! 

The stakes are low* in the sense that neither side of the mainstream can really win; therefore, ultimately (at least among those who aren't merely dupes) neither totalitarians nor radicals really want to win - in the sense of permanently vanquishing their 'enemy'. 

Individuals and parties within the Left just want more power for themselves and their gang. That's all. 

They are all on the same side, totalitarians and radicals sides need each other, and work-together in synergy. 

However this new war turns-out for the agents of chaos personally; the radicals have already won. 

They have already won even if (for instance) all the radicals are soon stripped of power, imprisoned, or killed. Because it is easy to make new radicals. If necessary; new, 'replacement' radicals can be generated by the mainstream at the drop of a hat and in large numbers, in just a few days or weeks - as was discovered in the 1960s and confirmed in the summer of 2020. 

The radicals have already won; because the world has been pushed much further towards the chaos they desire: towards some kind of System-collapse.

And the totalitarians have already lost - because, with every passing week, the global bureaucrats have less and less control of humanities attitudes, thoughts, behaviours. And while radicals are quick and easy to produce; it has taken many decades to build The System.  


*This is, perhaps, an exemplar of Sayre's Law, which states that in any dispute the intensity of feeling is inversely proportional to the value of the issues. The reason is probably that personal stakes are relatively highest when matters of fundamental value are least; maybe because when micro-issues of merely-relative value are concerned, then the reason for such differences are mostly personal. 


Truth to Life said...

This explains why the radical left supports acts of terrorism. They wish they could do the same, so they're living vicariously through the violent imagery that the media loves to report. They think the terrorists are a victim group, so anything they do is justified. This twisted worldview disturbs me just as much as knowing the event was orchestrated, since the Fire Nation controversy had been fizzling out, as you mention. (Please think of a nickname for this one!)

Jon P. R. said...

would it be possible or even desirable to seek to take over or supplant The System either close to or after some form of "collapse", or would any individuals / groups taking such action find themselves becoming new radicals merely by doing so?

if this is a sort of catch 33, where anyone entering any positions of power / influence within The System, does this imply any attempts to create an alternative are similarly doomed to the same fate?

Bruce Charlton said...

@JPR - IMO: In the West, there are currently no groupings of sufficient size or power outside of The System who would be in a position to take over anything - except at a very local level. All major institutions are now 'converged' into the mainstream, as was evident in the global coup of 2020. Since 2020 some non-Western nations have separated from the West, and some have moved away somewhat from The System - but the West has continued to become more totalitarian, and, more recently, chaotic.