Tuesday 25 June 2024

A Country Camera - 1844-1914, by Gordon Winter

 A book recommendation for people who like this sort of thing. 

I rediscovered this marvellous book that I originally bought in my mid-teens; and which consists of photographs of English country life from before World War I. 

As I browsed, I found myself drawn into another era and a different way of living, by deft synthesis of well-chosen pictures with the personable style, and individual detail, of the text commentaries. The book induced a mild trance-like state: a transportation of consciousness.  

Originally published in 1966 by the Country Life magazine - A Country Camera seems to have been the model upon which innumerable later collections of historical photographs was based. 

It can still be bought cheaply second-hand - here is a sample of the photos:


Bill in PA said...

We love old photos and the stories they tell. Found and purchased a used copy for a pittance. Thank you!

a_probst said...

I like the author's commentary, particularly about the purpose of streets.

Bruce Charlton said...

@BinPA - You're welcome.

@a_p - Yes. The choice of photos are, of course, the main thing; but it is the commentary of the author who collected them from many sources, that raises this book above its rivals.