Wednesday 26 June 2024

Cosmic Resurrection!

Resurrection is not an end-point but the beginning of a new phase of our eternal beingness: it is a transformation of our being. 

We remain ourselves through the transformation, but are transformed from mortal and partly evil persons into eternal and wholly-good persons. 

Because we remain ourselves before and after resurrection, this means that the existential situation and task in life remains essentially the same - or, at least, it can be. 

Resurrection is what makes us able to do our life-task fully and always, instead of just partly and intermittently (which is the best that can be achieved in mortal life). 

This means that we can reasonably, and with expectation of some success, aspire to live a Heavenly life now; albeit our situation in mortal life is qualitatively different from that after resurrection; since here we must contend with entropy and evil - in ourselves, as well as in others and the world. 

The expectation of resurrection therefore inspires a cosmic perspective! 

When I recognize that this mortal life is not the only thing nor merely "a means to an end"; then I can actually begin to get-on with the business of an eternal participant in divine creation - Starting Now!

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Lucas said...

I think that's a much better perspective than resurrection being a new start. The way I was raised, it always seemed like this life was a game to be outlasted, not played. It's much better to be a player than a spectator.