Sunday 2 June 2024

Why do (some) people Yearn for resurrected life in Heaven?

Some people - myself included (although apparently not many people, in the modern West) - yearn for resurrected Heavenly life. It's what we want more than anything: for us, without it, life is purpose-less and meaning-less and irrelevant. 

But why this yearning? Given that we have never experienced it - but have instead always dwelt in a reality that is dominated by entropy and death; and furthermore, a reality made much worse by the operations of evil within ourselves and the rest of the world. 

From where, then, comes that "vision" of Everlasting Goodness which draws (some of) us towards Heaven?

Maybe it comes from our personal experience - and this is something we all experience, although only some are aware of it - of the "spiritual war" between divine creation on the one hand; and the opposed tendencies of entropic chaos and purposive evil on the other hand

We all experience divine creation in ourselves (whether or not we are conscious of it), and it is all around us.

Yet we also experience that in This World divine creation is continually being dissolved and destroyed (both from within us and externally) - so our experiences of divine creation are temporary and partial. 

Yet it is these temporary and partial experiences of divine creation that (may) form the basis of our yearning for the eternal and unopposed divine creation of resurrected life in Heaven. 


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