Tuesday 11 June 2024

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad" - True... but why?

I am thinking, here, about the Western leadership class. That they are mad is clear, that they are en route to utter destruction I believe. That is where the 'madness' comes in. 

That 'the gods' wish to extirpate the Western leadership class seems obvious, and the reasons why are also obvious; but for the requisite irreversible annihilation certainly to happen requires that the elites become insane - not merely in losing their spontaneous sense of self-preservation, but actively willing self-annihilation. 

Otherwise, sans lunacy, a sane elite would pull-back just enough to avert nemesis; and survive to wreak further havoc. 

Since the gods want to ensure this does not happen, they first ensure that the Western leadership are mad.

(Reposted, slightly edited, from 2010.)


Laeth said...

and the public is even more insane, otherwise they would understand the insanity of their leaders. instead, they see rational self interest. it clearly is not a question of intelligence, because even the most dissident of the self styled dissidents still adheres to the impossible explanation of greed rather than the unbridled madness of spite. perhaps the gods are also insane. or I am.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Laeth - Yes, that is indeed what is implied. (One or the other...)

Somewhat aside: When I was a junior psychiatrist on-call (c 40 years ago) it struck me that the ordinary policemen were better at detecting insanity than most psychiatrists, and much better than social workers.

(In the UK (from memory), it took both a doctor and a family member/ social worker to "section" somebody for mental illness or; a just policeman. The police could detain a wrong-doer for suspected insanity instead of treating him as a criminal; and transfer the detained person for evaluation instead of to the cells. And our local police were "never" wrong about this, so far as I knew or heard.)

Conclusion: Madness was originally a matter of common sense; and the commoner the more sensible.

But Not Any More!

cecil1 said...

The Western leadership class has definitely betrayed its people, and their civilization in the most treasonous and glaring manner. And they are gleeful about it.

Will their insanity help purge them from the West??

Is this what it takes, or the only way that this evil can be purged from the WEst?

I hope they go either way.

I am reminded that in 1984 everyone believed the USSR would only grow and expanded for the foreseeable decades.

IT collapsed 5 years later.

Days of Lot said...

They're definitely crazy, and I think that's because they're demonically possessed. To obtain their level of worldly status, they have to sell their souls to Satan. Then God gives them over to reprobate minds....Though these days, there are many lower level sellouts who are crazy as well.