Sunday 2 June 2024

Things are Much worse than military analysts assume; because the Western strategists want to Lose, not win (and maximize destruction while doing so)

While the cultivated ignorance and delusional nature of mainstream Western officials and media are predictable appalling; the supposedly alternative analyses of the West versus Fire Nation war is more deeply concerning to me. 

The military experts and analysts persist in regarding this as a modern version of the kind of wars throughout history; whereas this is a situation the world has never before experienced.

Because the leadership of the Western (i.e. globalist) world (and I mean the real leadership, those who set the Western strategy) are qualitatively different in their motivations from any group of leaders in world history

The military expert analysts assume that the West ultimately wants the West to win this war - which is Not True. 

Those who are strategically responsible for the FN war, its continuation and escalation towards totality; primarily want the West to lose

That is their core motivation. "They" mainly want the West to be destroyed * - and the FN war is one of several, simultaneously pursued, means to that end.

Destruction of the Fire Nation, Earth Nation and other places are also real motivators - but secondary, optional. 

(Other means to the end of Western destruction include other wars; but also the many long-term self-destructive strategies I call Litmus Tests: e.g. the birdemic-peck, the climate agenda, the sexual revolution, the "antiracism" agenda - and the whole raft of leftist political auto-lethalities.)


On the other side; the core and strategic motivation of the Fire Nation is easily understandable (for normal people!), conventional, and historically multi-precedented - the FN mainly wants Not to lose. Wants to preserve and strengthen its culture and people. 

So the FN War is grossly asymmetrical in terms of motivations; in a way never before seen - at least never on a sustained and global scale. 

Indeed, the FN conflict may not even qualify as a "war" in the conventional sense; because The goal of the Western leadership is an orgy of insane multi-national mutual- and self- destruction - which is not really "a war"...

But that is precisely what the Western leadership strategists are working towards...

And for as long as so many people are so utterly unaware of the fact; for so long as they continue to think of this as "just-another war", like so many wars before: for so long They will continue to progress incrementally towards their major goal of destructive chaos primarily affecting the West. 

Note added: An overall interpretative perspective on the nature of the FN war (and the world generally) does not derive from evidence, and cannot therefore be overturned by observations - it is a matter of assumptions not empirical data. (Because assumptions both select and interpret the data.) Nonetheless, the immediate action of the Western side in coercively-imposing self-destructive sanctions, and the way that the West has continued to increase these in the face of massive evidence of their self-destructive nature; plus the self-destructive act of the West destroying a major conduit for Western energy supply - could certainly be taken as consistent-with the assumption that the war is primarily aimed against the West.   


Sackerson said...

"They will continue to progress incrementally towards their major goal of destructive chaos primarily affecting the West."

Please explain, I don't understand.

Bruce Charlton said...

@S - What don't you understand?

Pk said...

Precisely! It would be absurd to think the military leaders would want to win while every other major focus area is explicitly destructive. With their philosophy or metaphysics, they could not even envision what it would take to truly win.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Pk - That's a good way of putting it.

But I think that too many people fail to understand that the "left" (i.e. atheist, materialist) agenda is not utopia but oppositional; it is Not aiming at any particular state of affairs (such as "equality") but instead at permanent (destructive) revolution.

And I think people who regard themselves as being of the "Right" (but who are not - or not primarily - religious) do not recognize this oppositional and negative quality, because it is also the case for their own ideology.

Pk said...

Agreed. So many across the political spectrum (and Left/Right is hardly a spectrum as they encompass a tiny span of "frequency") assume they all have the same goal as we do, but just have different ways to go about. After Obama and later the 2020 events, the only conclusion to draw is that the system is purely evil and their goals are atheist, materialist, and (I'd say) of the global communist revolution. Not one of their stated utopian goals (think UN sustainability goals) is even remotely designed to come true. They are designed to destroy. A personal Christian revolution is the only solution - an only a local solution, as I think you have said in previous writings.

Thank you very much for your essays. They are the first thing I read every morning before I get out of bed.

Philip Camp said...

The people at the top of the "food chain" are occultists, energized by the Devil & his angels, so the objective has to be understood from this standpoint.
The emblem of the phoenix applies here; the phoenix dies in its nest, bursts into flame, & is reborn. This is the "New World Order". But what is being burned up? The old system, religion, culture, & most of the old people. As a magickal working, this requires raising a huge amount of energy, & the release of life force from mass death is very powerful. Our whole civilization has to burn (along w/ theirs), so of course we have to lose.

Bruce Charlton said...

PC - You may be interested by some speculations I posted on similar themes:

Bruce Charlton said...

@Pk - Thanks - encouraging to hear.

Mia said...

Here in America, there is an intense false pride in the "greatest military on earth" among almost everyone opposed to the left (aka "on the right"). Older folks of that persuasion fall hook line and sinker into hating the Fire and Earth Nations and cheering CHOAM. Younger ones generally love the Fire Nation (no one loves the Earth Nation) and have mixed feelings about CHOAM. But they still cling to that false pride in beliefs ranging from "half the leaders are evil but half are good" to "I support the rank-and-file/individuals good, system-bureacracy bad" type views.

But as for the commentators you're referring to, I'm baffled at the sustained interest in conventional analysis. It would be fascinating to seriously think through questions like what does Fire Nation realize about Western leaders and their real goals and how are they responding to that? But I see zero of that even among those who have noticed the Fire Nation's leader referencing the spiritual war.

R.J.Cavazos said...

It cannot be any clearer. Dr. Charlton is spot on. I have speculated that the FN may turn out to be an instrument of God. I vaguely recall Steiners prophecy that the Slavs will be the heirs and keepers of civilzation. Each day it seems he may have been on to something

Bruce Charlton said...

@Mia - One of the delusions that people make about the Fire Nation war is to assume that if only the FN would do X (i.e. some military thing), then that would brings the war to an end.

But for so long as the current Western leadership class continues to be what it now is and stays in power; the FN war (and the other wars incipient and actual, and the wars of the national leadership against their nations) can only end when "They" decide to stop...

And they will Not decide to stop, because they want the war to continue, spread, escalate.

Bruce Charlton said...

@RJC - It does indeed seem as if some of these prophecies (including by Steiner, but by many others too - as can be seen in the writings of Seraphim Rose concerning the End Times) are being fulfilled - although this will only continue by the freedom of human choices. We cannot depend on good outcomes as if they could be imposed upon us - but only by ourselves initiating them.

I presume the truth in such prophecies was related to insights into the nature of the peoples. Nonetheless, given the 70+ years of communist suppression of the Orthodox Church and Christianity in the USSR (which was far, FAR more extreme and violent than 99% of people realize) - its resurgence has been astonishing.

Indeed, the way that Christianity burst back into life and force during WWII after a whole generation of by-far the most brutal and mass-scale coercion and oppression of a national population the world had even known (under the leadership of Lenin and Stalin) - was evidence of some extraordinary devotion in the deep hearts of many of the people.

This has not been the case elsewhere. So, the prophet may have discerned something distinctive about the people.

To read such prophecies in the 1970s or early 1980s must have seemed utterly bizarre, and that they had been completely refuted... And yet!

Bruce Charlton said...

Sackerson has left a comment:


"I guess the answer to my question is that there is a demonic element that wishes to destroy our happiness.

"Already I read that [the Western leader's puppet nation in the anti-FN war]'s population is predicted to fall from 28 million to 25 million by 2050 and the demographic imbalance means their citizens will have to work until they are physically no longer capable.

"I am hesitant to put a religious cast on human affairs but surely there are many influential people in the US Establishment who cannot believe in divine retribution."


@Sackerson - I haven't gone into this myself; but the sources I generally believe estimate that the current population is probably only about half that level, as things currently stand (of course, there are no official statistics on this, as on most important demographic matters) - due to the massive emigration.

And women of childbearing age are most of these. So demographically (as well as in many other ways) they are already not a viable nation (and this by Western design and insistence)

Because, of course, The Plan is that there should (ASAP) not be any nations anywhere.

Avro G said...

Maybe the key to understanding the motives of the "western" "leaders" in in the sinister motto, "build back better." In order to "BBB" you presumably need to make a catastrophe from which to rebuild. It's like the old – was it anarchist? – slogan, "the worse, the better." The more total the destruction, the blanker the slate from which to start over.

On the other hand maybe they are more akin to those homosexuals we used to hear about who engaged in "bug-chasing" whereby they actively sought to get AIDS because… well, who the hell knows why someone would do such a thing? But apparently it was a thing, maybe still is. Perhaps "our" "leaders" are so far gone in the abyss of evil that they not only actively seek the deadly dose for themselves but wish to take all the rest of us with them.

Bruce Charlton said...

@AG - "who the hell knows why someone would do such a thing?"

This is exactly the kind of thing we Do need to understand, urgently - and we can "all" understand it: the best word I know for it is Spite, spitefulness - (I've blogged on this often). Another word is Schadenfreude.

Surely we can all, if honest, recognize in ourselves (and infer in others) this most evil of evils: a desire to harm others, that will at extremes risk or sacrifice even oneself?

The arising impulse that reacts to awareness of happiness, beauty, moral decency, honesty - with an impulse to destroy it, to smash it. The desire to mar perfection.

It is ignoble, it is despicable - but it is real, is found to some degree in almost everybody, and it is the master sin ruling some people (and many demons).

It is seen all through human history, and all around us - yet, hardly acknowledged.

(Except, maybe, in stories about youngish children! Enid Blyton often included spiteful characters, named as such, in her stories - which is how I first put a name to it.)