Monday 17 June 2024

Our ruling class are incompetent, but that is not the big problem

The Western ruling class's preparations to create and escalate global war have been yet another Litmus Test of our time...

Revealing that the vast majority of even those commenters who regard themselves as solidly anti-Left "realists", cannot comprehend how bad things really are. 

There has been for many years, and it is still increasing, a repetitive trope about how dumb, stupid, and all-round incompetent are the Western leadership class. 

Anti-Woke analysts and commenters work themselves into a frenzy of exposition concerning declining IQ, declining competence, and idiotic doubling-down on mistakes. 

All this is perfectly true, in itself - but incompetence is not the underlying and causal problem! 

The big problem is evil, not incompetence. 

The problem is evil motivations.

The problem is what the ruling class want; not their inability to achieve it!

If the ruling class were more able and intelligent (and less corrupt) then they would be using their competence to do more evil. 

The reason this is a Litmus Test is that it reflects the inability of most people, of almost everybody - it seems, to acknowledge and recognize the reality of deliberate, purposive evil.

Most people don't even seem to notice that the "incompetence" always works in the same direction (i.e. towards evil) - whereas genuine incompetence would err on both sides of right action, and would sometimes seek good by accident! 

And if you can't see evil when it is staring you in the face and doing its best to destroy the world... well, then you are absolutely certain to get it badly wrong about the motivations of the Western ruling class.  



agraves said...

Well Bruce, I think it is true that evil is at basis for many problems in the world. However there are people who would rather not use those terms because, what does one do when confronting evil and life destroying? Obviously you do your best to destroy or stop it before it can do real damage. But we are not destroying evil, we are hoping we can vote it away. So this leads me to say that blaming evil is a cop out, when the real issue is cowardice. The absolute lack of ability to face reality and change it. So in the West people say they have too much to lose by destroying evil, too much money at stake. The West simply cannot face reality, they have talked themselves into believing it will all work out, rationalizing they have it figured out. The Crusaders did what needed to be done, Lepanto involved long arduous battles against evil, no rationalizing there. Our leadership is composed of fools who think they are kings.

Bruce Charlton said...

@ag - Certainly modern Men are greater cowards than previous generations - eg:

William Wildblood said...

I think also the problem is that love has been weaponised against itself. That's to say, it is regarded as 'unloving' to condemn anyone or even anything as evil who or which isn't obviously so. And then we don't understand the difference between material evil, murder, rape etc, and spiritual evil or that which works for the destruction of the soul.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Yes, there are many confusions.

For instance the idea that there are two separate categories of evil and good *people*; or the other confusion that because you cannot usually decide which category to place somebody in, then there is no such thing as good and evil - or that "everybody is the same".

Whereas I believe that the evil is not the person, nor indeed the act; but the motivation is the evil - and, of course, the motivation must be inferred and cannot be objectively proved.

After several generations of atheism and deliberate PSYOPS and manipulations, the whole area of evil in public discourse is such a total-mess that it requires people (as individuals) to step back and work things through for themselves by their own deepest evaluations - which is exactly what people will Not do.

JMSmith said...

I am personally thankful when someone with evil motivations is incompetent. And yet I have heard malevolent people praised for their proficiency. The example closest to my experience is the teacher who spreads pernicious falsehoods with great pedagogic skill. Or the "great writer" who uses his style and wit to pack readers' heads with lies. If we must have a malevolent elite, let them at least be bungling and ineffective!

Bruce Charlton said...

@JMS - very true.

To me this is an interesting aspect of the shift (as I understand it) from the strategy of totalitarianism to spiteful destruction.

It would benefit the cause of evil, if its operatives were effective at doing evil. But of-itself competence is a "good" value, one that requires several minor virtues to happen -- therefore at this advanced stage of corruption, evil just can't help itself but sabotage good - wherever it finds good, including on the side of evil.

So, The West is fighting a war, which it carefully engineered; yet it cannot help sabotaging its own military effectiveness by multiple means. For one instance, The West cannot drop massively effectiveness-sabotaging sex, race and religious preferences; in recruitment, conditions, rewards and promotions. Thus the Western leadership class are fighting a war that many (not all!) of them genuinely want to win, while aggressively self-destructing their military (and economy).

I do not regard this diminishing effectiveness of evil as actually Good news however! It's just that we are headed for chaos rather than totalitarianism. Suffering and death will probably come to more people, and sooner.

...Albeit, chaos is probably a *spiritually* better situation than the kind of Matrix-System of value-inverted omni-surveillance and thought-control (e.g. UN Agenda 2030/ Great-Reset) that "they" were planning for us. .