Monday 8 June 2020

New World Dis-order?

It looks more as if it is not a "New World Order" that is being pursued, but an increase in disorder. At least, it is hard to square disbanding the police (which is being called for, and is apparently planned in some places) with the kind of escalating militaristic NWO of omni-surveillance and micro-control that has looked-like Their aim throughout the early part of 2020.

Of course, surface deniability is always sought when disorder is fomented; but those (apparently few) with an ability to think can easily see that the current disorder is a product of the-powers-that-be. Indeed, there has been implemented an astonishingly-rapid emergence of an inverted ritual religiosity towards the proximate agents of disorder (gestures of submission and surrender such as genuflecting, mass hand raising, foot-washing etc) - or, at least, that is what the mainstream media want people to believe and emulate.

Why would the Global Establishment be working so hard to destroy The System they control, and to make a blasphemous Satanic cult about it all? Well, it makes sense if the ultimate controllers are demonic - since an inverted-/ anti-Christ-ianity is exactly what we would expect of them.

But why Now; and why such a hurry? It may be that they know something that we don't. It may be that something is coming - some 'natural disaster' - that will destroy The System anyway; and they are trying to get as much done as possible before it happens.

Since we are dealing with supernatural demons, this is at least possible. But would not the supernatural powers of Good then be warning us of the same thing; so that we can 'get our houses in order'?

We, yes they would; and maybe they are indeed doing exactly that but few people will listen?

Have you consulted with the Holy Ghost recently, and have you asked him about the future of the world in the next few months?

I would advise that you try to find-out for yourself - as a matter of urgency - best straightway.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but how?

I have tried to many times, but I get what might best be called 'interference'. Inane 'thoughts' babble at me, there is no internal peace or quiet, and I give up in self disgust feeling that I am not fit to receive the Holy Spirit.

It is not easy - it is really hard. Why is is so hard? Is it because I am a sinful human being? Does sin get in the way? I ask forgiveness for my sins, and still nothing. Do I have to be in a state of anguish - desperate? Now, at those times, I have cried out for help and it has arrived, but calmly sitting down, and attempting connection with the Holy Spirit, and there is nothing but noise.

I would love to be able to do what you recommend and which you quite obviously manage to do, but I can't.

The thing is, I don't feel fully real without contact with the Holy Spirit, and until, if ever, that contact happens, I know I will continue in half reality.

It is a terrible state to be in, and I truly know it. What can I do?


William Wildblood said...

Something is definitely up. The abject surrender of the establishment to the forces of disorder shows that they are simply pawns in the hands of their demonic masters. I would bet they have no idea why they are behaving like this but are putty in the hands of their masters because they have signed their souls over to them for worldly advantage. Their Faustian pact is coming up for payment in many cases.

Francis Berger said...

Your previous post, which you linked in this post, inspired me to think more deeply about this unfolding possibility, though I had not considered that this sudden hurrying toward destruction might be inspired by knowledge of an impending and unstoppable catastrophe (that it, I had limited my speculations of this looming catastrophe to mostly economic/financial matters before now).

Whatever the case, dismantling does appear the order of the day - a dismantling that seems as if it will not be offset by any rebuilding or putting back together. In my mind, this not only negates any chance for 'betterment' or 'reform', but also negates the well-known leftist revolutionary arc that tends to land people right back where they started from, albeit under much worse and more oppressive conditions.

I appreciate the closing sentences in this post. As always, you cut through the chaos and get to what should be most important for Christians in this time and place.

Matias F. said...

Since reading "Der Untergang des Abendlandes" as a teenager, I have occasionally had fantasies of securing a certain, familiar place against enemies. When the birdemic started, I first considered the possibility of securing food supply by moving to my uncle's farm, but lately this old fantasy of mine has returned.

Your blog post is a timely reminder that I should pray and try to discover, if this is a message from the Holy Ghost or if it's just wishful thinking.

My gut feeling is that we still have a year to prepare, the masses will have to be lead to the brink before they jump.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Barry - All I can suggest is that you might be seeking the wrong thing; and that you follow the links.

@William "The abject surrender of the establishment to the forces of disorder shows that they are simply pawns in the hands of their demonic masters." - That's exactly it.

@Frank - Thanks.

@Matias - Time will tell; but I don't think delay would be advisable.

John Fitzgerald said...

There's a lot of chatter in Catholic prophecy circles that 'the Warning' is imminent - possibly in the autumn - fifteen minutes or so of illumination for everyone in the world when we shall see the realitiy of our lives exactly as God sees it. This will be accompanied by a visible sign in the sky - a cross of light or maybe even a vision of Christ Himself. Then there'll be a period about six weeks grace when we'll all have a last chance to turn to God. Such will be the impact of the Warning that churches will be packed like never before. But then the forces of evil will regroup, the Warning will be explained away - a manifestion of collective stress of somesuch - and in short order a vicious persecution, potentially accompanied by a natural disaster or brutal war will ensue.

This sort of thing's been talked about for years of course and it can take you down a real rabbit hole if you're not careful. It has to be said though that I'm finding it a pretty plausible scenario at the moment. But Bruce's advice is sound. Ask the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit or Paraclete or whatever name resonates most for you for His guidance. Ask Him to take away the interference and to open your heart and mind and intuition so that His voice can come through clearly. I don't think it'll take very much to get rid of the interference. If we're desperate enough and hungry enough for the Divine I don't think we really need much more to be honest. The desire is the prayer. And the Holy Spirit will respond - not in ways we expect, perhaps - but one day you'll wake up with a much surer notion of where your North Star is than you did the day before. And you'll wonder how it happened and then you"ll remember your prayer to the Holy Ghost.

That's been my experience in the past anyway and hopefully it will be so again - for myself and for us all.

Gary said...

I received guidance regarding this last night, in a dream.

The impression I got, was that the current rioting and increase in disorder, is a strategic response to the emergence of positive aspects of the coronvirus... the parts that were not convenient to TPTB.

That is, remember how until the Coronavirus emerged as a "thing", all the usual -isms were being used as Trojan Horses into the souls of men? The preprogrammed emotion-patterning which was called anti-racism, feminism, pro-Negative Sexual Practices, etc.?

After the Coronavirus emerged, these dissappeared and were apparently "thrown out". Dr Charlton, you even wrote a blog post about this phenomenon.

However, TPTB know that the aforementioned psyops are much to convenient as agents of separation (just as LDSD is... which is why it was introduced), so as soon as they perceived that Birdemic had achived "enough", they needed to smash the unity between people which was being created by virtue of the birdemic. Because like it or not, most "normals", the "vast masses of men" were temporarily united against a common enemy... the virus, forgetteing all the stuff they were meant to care about until the day before yesterday.

So, they needed to create a massive diversion, at least as "media-ble" as the birdemic, using one of the previous leftist psyops. "Racism" was chosen, in fact, because it *is*, as a spiritual disposition, a sin (I agree that "Racism" as currently understood is a weasel-word, but by it I mean that belief that we should dislike or humiliate somebody automatically based solely on their origin, etc... that is not Christian), as opposed to women´s lib, sexual deviance, etc. , AND because it would be much easier to rally large numbers of people behind it that behind "LQWERY rights" or "Women´s rights"... these sorts of things don´t cause people to loot.

Finally, why they would allow the system which they need for total control to be dismantled... we don´t really know how they are planning on cutting that Gordian knot but undoubtedly they probably think they have many solutions, because rest assured they have not given up on their dream of "total surveillance and omnicontrol". They might be thinking they´ll replace local police force with centralized military (justifying this using another crisis which will come after the current one), or replace them with Drones or whatever.

What I do think, at this stage, is that we are not on the verge of a natural megadisaster, that that is not what is causing this.

We are however, in the midst of a HUGE hightening of the spiritual war which has been raging for millenia. They are taking out the heavy artillery, and are going all-in, and we MUST , ABSOLUTELY must put God first in our lives in order to be victorious.

If we do put God first, we WILL be victorious, both spiritually but also in all other senses. Do NOT be afraid.

Andrew said...

It seems obvious to me that the age-old Babylonian/Satanic death cult that has operated in the shadows for millenia is on the verge of total exposure by those on the side of God and the enemy is thrashing about violently as they sense this approaching. The current Age is ending and a new one is beginning where God's Kingdom will manifest more openly in the world, as long foretold by Biblical prophecy. But Man is so thoroughly corrupted and are not capable of such and do not want it, some might say. Well, God is in charge, not Man. And He will accomplish what He set out to accomplish and He will use as many as are willing and able to join in.

-Andrew E.

Sean Fowler said...

Perhaps they know the nature of the Phoenix that will rise from the ashes. Perhaps they are injecting the poison and preparing the antidote.
A poisoned man will accept any antidote.

Bruce Charlton said...

@John - As you may know, I don't believe in a second coming (partly because it is absent from the Fourth Gospel and mostly because it implies that Jesus did not complete his work); but when I did believe it - I never heard of any kind of *warning*; which seems to contradict the descriptions in Matthew and Luke which emphasise the unknowability of the time and the need always to be prepared. I suppose this warning idea comes from more recent prophecies?

@Gary - My point about Leftist 'isms' (going back to my book Thought Prison) is that they are merely expedient; being picked up and thrown out according to current needs. This is most clearly seen in that old (British) socialism was focused on the interests of the proletariat, which were usually understood as native working class unionised industrial male workers - who are now (mostly) demonised by the post-sixties Left. As things accelerate, it is expected that the 'minority' of greatest concern may change with great rapidity - and no concern for consistency or coherence.

@Andrew - I agree that the evil cult is much easier to see for serious Christians; but the small number and proportion of serious Christians who are able to discern has been really astonishing to me. I knew that the leadership of major institutions were corrupt, but I hoped that many of the silent majority were not - whereas it seems that those who actually take the side of God is very small.

Of course God is the creator - so in that sense is certainly 'in charge' - but each individual soul must decide for himself or herself to choose Heaven. Since God desires that as many as possible be saved, I think that the 'accomplishment' may fall very far short of what God hoped for. In other words; those 'willing and able' to join, may turn out to be... not many.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Sean - I've thought for a while that there will come a time when we must choose between 'saving this civilization' and saving our souls. In other words, to maintain this civilization (e.g. to keep people alive and avert mass suffering) will entail actively supporting the rule of evil. That is a trial that we should prepare-for.

Anonymous said...

(sorry if double post)


2 books I've found helpful in allowing for prayer are Cardinal Sarah's book, 'The Power of Silence,' and 'Abandonment to Divine Providence,' by Jean-Pierre de Caussade. The first provides many useful takes on Jesus's words, "go to your inner room and pray to your Father in secret," and the 2nd profound reflection on abandoning the material and trusting the Divine Will. I find that when intrusive thoughts prevent "hearing" the promptings of the Holy Spirit (a very common phenomenon), it is useful to try to trace the source of the useless thoughts, back to the proto-thought, and engage it, then move back to an attitude of supplication.

If you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, when all the world is still, that is the best time to be listening.

With regards to our current situation, it would seem to tracking with events leading up to the French Revolution, when illuminists conspired to destroy throne and altar, as well as the Bolshevik revolutions in China and Russia. The humiliation rituals currently playing out were a common feature in the Cultural Revolution in China. We are seeing the process of demonization of an entire class of people in real time. I have no advice other than understand that there is nothing new under the sun, and trust God. We may find ourselves martyred as were the Catholics of the Vendee who resisted the French revolutionists, but remain strong in your faith.

As an aside, I wondered at the outset of the Covid hysteria whether "they" knew of something incoming asteroid, and figured the best way to have everyone hunkered down, cities somewhat deserted, and stocks of food on hand would be to fake a pandemic.

James Higham said...

It was mooted for 2020 in 2000 by the whistleblower Svali in a Canadian radio interview. She described a financial collapse, induced, not a virus. The financial collapse was due to aggressive and criminal driving for years, debasing the economy, then it collapses.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous.


Stephen Macdonald said...


A discussion of how we shall cope with those periods when the Lord appears to absent Himself from our lives can be found here.

Relevant Scripture: Is. 50:10-11

The Continental Op said...

I haven't commented in a while, but still reading! Thanks for your insights.

lgude said...

Ironically the pandemic to riots treatment can be seen as a 'good cop bad cop' attempt at manipulation by what Arnold Toynbee called the 'Dominant Elite' to frighten the 'Internal Proletariat' into voting (In America) against Donald Trump and his ilk elsewhere. (From my perspective your UK Internal Proletariat really put the wind up them by voting against their class interests and putting their national interests first.) That is the obvious level - hidden in plain sight. But also ironically, my personal response has been to get my house in order. Literally. Staying home and stopping running around distracting myself caused me to recognise that the greatest obstacle to me spiritually was that I had lived my whole life allowing physical disorder to rule my living environment. The Holy Ghost made it clear and would brook no further argument or avoidance. It turns out creating domestic order and cultivating mental tranquility by doubling down on silent prayer go hand in hand. The two are directly connected and are slowly breaking my 'Addiction to Distraction." Finally, recognising that that writing this comment is also part of my old pattern of self distraction through engaging media, I find I can attend to the task without simply using it put off attending to what the Holy Ghost is directing me to do. So back at it. And thanks to Bruce and all who have commented here for their helpful (ie potentially redemptive) engagement of the current Satanic tempest.