Thursday 13 November 2014

Addicted to Distraction is starting to sell! - Review request

The publisher tells me that Addicted to Distraction: psychological consequences of the mass media - my most recent book - has started to sell a bit in the USA (by the standards of this kind of book): 300 copies last month.

In hope of catching the wave - it would make me happy if any of you who have read the book would perhaps consider publishing a review online, however brief, somewhere or another - amazon, goodreads, your blog or wherever?

Thanks very much (just in case anyone responds).



Geoff said...

I read it two months ago. I'll write a review tomorrow or Saturday either during an off period at work or after my physics homework.

Bruce Charlton said...

Thank you Geoff.

david said...

You are a well-respected commenter on most of the blogs I frequent. Why don't you just ask the owners of those blogs for a plug. "Bruce has a new book out. Haven't had time to read it yet." sort of plug. Couldn't hurt.

Bruce Charlton said...

Thanks to all who helped! - there are now four Amazon reviews, and for a while the book reached 77,000th best seller in all of Kindle - and also featured in the top 100 of two specific Kindle listings.

Ben said...

I'll do this first thing tomorrow. Have almost completed the book and it is great. Thanks.