Wednesday 26 November 2014

Leftism is not really a religion - but it is a metaphysical system

Metaphysics is the theoretical frame within-which everything is explained.

Leftism, political correctness is not really a religion (it has so few features of a religion, that such a description is misleading) - but it is a metaphysical system.

The word ideology is a partial, confused, incoherent synonym for metaphysics - indeed ideology is metaphysics for those who do not wish to acknowledge the vital role of metaphysics; who want to conceal that they are preaching metaphysics- who want their metaphysical system to be invulnerable because its existence is denied.


For example the Left used Science against all religious metaphysical systems, but science itself had depended on a metaphysical system which (for example) regards truth as a virtue (i.e. Christianity or Judaism) - so by using science against religion, Leftism was destroying science: indeed, Leftism was destroying even the possibility of science.

Specifically, the theory of evolution by natural selection was used to destroy Christianity; claiming that natural selection was empirically-validated science; when in reality natural selection is formally a metaphysical system: that is, an explanatory framework within which science may be done, but not itself a science.

(That is why the theory of evolution by natural selection formally cannot be refuted. Nor can it be supported.)

Leftism has used (and then discarded) various ethical principles to break-down Christian metaphysics - for instance Equality, or Justice, or Economics, or Freedom, or Democracy.

These are deployed as frameworks within-which reality is to be understood, explained, manipulated - therefore they are functioning as metaphysical systems (albeit small, feeble, partial, incoherent, fuzzy, ludicrous metaphysical systems) - but their real nature is denied, and it is asserted that these principles are derived from experience, knowledge, effectiveness... 


When a new metaphysical system has been implemented, when a person or a culture is inside a new metaphysical system - then everything else is constrained by that system - what counts as knowledge, truth, beauty, virtue is defined; the possibility of motivation and purpose; almost everything is constrained by metaphysics.

There is no argument against a new metaphysics from observation, from experience, from logic - which is why the Left never learn.

(Metaphysics does not learn - it is that within-which learning is defined.)

They never learn because they are inside a metaphysical system while denying the reality of metaphysical systems.The fly in the bottle.

Once the new metaphysics is in place - reality is framed by it, evaluations are constrained by it,the battle is won. 


Probably, Satan's greatest triumph has been the destruction of real metaphysics: purely free; but with profound and universal consequences.

Satan's greatest triumph has therefore been metaphysical - he is the most successful career philosopher in history (certainly, the most highly-cited).

And the triumph has been made possible by the mass media: the modern metaphysical system derives-from and is propagated-by and enforced-by the mass media.


How should the modern metaphysical system be evaluated? The answer is - only from the basis of another metaphysical system.

All possible evaluations, criticisms, are based on metaphysical assumptions. So if we point-out that modern Leftism is incoherent, that assumes that incoherence is a problem - while for Leftist metaphysics, its own incoherence is not a problem.

If we point-out that Leftist metaphysics is unfit for use: leads to despair, has destroyed science and the arts and education, that it cannot motivate or provide meaning - then such critique is based on the metaphysical assumption that these are bad things; which Leftist metaphysics will not accept.

If, indeed, we point-out that Leftist metaphysics is almost-wholly negative and oppositional - and therefore must lead to a human life and society which is almost-wholly negative and oppositional; then Leftism merely responds that (from where Leftism is standing, which is implicitly inside its own metaphysic) that is just the way that things are - and Leftism is merely honestly reporting on the inevitable reality of the situation. 


So Satan has the West in his grip, inside his metaphysics; and part of Satan's metaphysics is to cloak its own metaphysical nature - and to derive its (pseudo-) validity from what were previously regarded as sub-metaphysical domains such as science, politics, economics - even 'ethics' regarded as a free-standing discourse (i.e. 'ethics' when discussed without even an implicit reference to life's nature, purpose, meaning!).

The answer? A different metaphysics.

One can only fight metaphysics with metaphysics.


But which metaphysics can beat the Left? Not a made-up thing, for sure. Satanic Leftism cannot be defeated at the level of philosophical discourse - of course not!

It can be beaten and will only be beaten by a metaphysics based on a realer, deeper, more motivated, more meaningful basis... 

In other words, Leftism can be beaten, and can only be beaten, by a religion.

And that is our choice - Leftism or Religion.


If not Leftism, then CHOOSE YOUR RELIGION.

Simple as that.


Note added: The mantra 'choose your religion' is predicated on the fact that only a religion will work, only a religion is capable. Many have noticed that the traditional Western religion of Christianity is substantially a fake among those who profess it (i.e. self-identified Christians are mostly first Leftists, and only secondarily Christian). Others have noted that - as a matter of fact - the West is not re-adopting Christianity, and as a matter of probability there seems little chance that the West will re-adopt Christianity.  However, these facts and probabilities do not affect the argument that only a religion can combat Leftism - they merely suggest that there is little evidence for, and little prospect of, the defeat of Leftism by religion in the West. I is very simple: if people choose to reject religion, then they simply will not defeat Leftism.


Anonymous said...

I think you are right.

In a previous post, you talked about the motivations of people to work; for money, to be a good communist comrade, and for the glory of god.

The leftists are motivated by either their base instincts, acting as useful idiots in their desires for social acceptance (being a good comrade), in the service of those working for money and power, the cynical politicians who recognize reality and don't care about truth.

Whereas if your work is in the service of god, that you aspire to something greater, that is the only way to get beyond the petty squabbling of mankind. We can fight over equality and softening our language so we don't hurt each other's feelings and bicker endlessly over things that don't matter and feed the bureaucracy...this is the satanism you were referring to, or we can choose to aspire to the true heights of humanism of which we are capable of.

Mankind reached the moon, created beautiful works of art, music, architecture, pushed the boundaries of science for those things in and of themselves. There is a real difference between a job and pursuing dreams, and I think this is where we act as conduits for the divine.

I remember working as a writing tutor, and loved every minute of it because, despite it being a humble job, I felt that by helping another person write their essay, I was aiding them in creating something beautiful, helping another living being expose their inner thoughts and translate them into something cogent.

Of course a lot of the people I taught were terrible writers, and I think this oppressed a lot of the other tutors I worked alongside- the ones who constantly espoused equality and tolerance and lots of the usual pablum, but when it came down to it were disgusted by the burden of the other people, who would make students wait if they came a few minutes early..."I'm on my break"...what words could be more oppressive to the spirit?

I think one of the problems with modern liberal democracy is that the reins of society are in the hands of such people...they are motivated by money and status seeking, and see only a nice retirement and sitting on a beach if only they can steal enough fast enough while they still have the chance. How can we make real actual progress with so much dead weight?

knifecatcher said...

Was communism in the old Soviet Union a metaphysical system?
What defeated it? What replaced it?

Bruce Charlton said...

@kc - Yes it was a metaphysical system. It destroyed itself, creating a power vacuum which various things were drawn into including populist gangsterism (Yeltsin), and also the current Putin led secular government which governs with cooperation of/ help from Orthodox Christianity - if this continues, the divinely ordained 'Tsarist' Monarchy may be restored (which is what the West most fears).

Bruce Charlton said...

@Anon - Thanks for the comment - but please use a pseudonym!

David said...

"So Satan has the West in his grip, inside his metaphysics; and part of Satan's metaphysics is to cloak its own metaphysical nature..."

I sometimes get the impression from reading these posts that 'the bad guys are getting away with it' almost unopposed or,worse, by actively being supported by the deluded, misguided and downright rotten. These posts being a little bit like a sports commentator observing from afat as the great forces of good and evil lock in mortal combat. In that sense I'm curious to know why the forces of good are often seemingly in a back-seat role or allowing the status quo to develop or are they being defeated? Its hard not to notice a focus on just the bad stuff. I hasten to add that I agree with this post and find it very 'precisely' insightful about the current 'problem.' Its hard not to read this post with something like a gloomy sense of despair, watching a heinous crime unfold in broad daylight, that is all the more disturbing because everyone is just standing by and watching a car crash in slow motion. What do you belief are the good guys (God, the angels and his faithful servants) up to at the moment to thwart these devious schemes and metaphysical manipulations? I've always believed good will conquer evil. Not much sign of that yet in the world today, alas. Religion gives us hope but hope unsustained can be sorely demoralising at times. Do you have any good news to balance the obviously bad news :-)

Bruce Charlton said...

@David - The end times are prophesied in the Bible - hope (and healing) is located on the other side of death and beyond this world.

Christ never said that Good will conquer evil this side of Judgement.

There are Good Guys - but not among the high status and powerful leaderships and elites of the West.

I regard the CJCLDS as Good Guys - the Prophet and the General Authorities are wise, true and strong.

But surely this blog has plenty of very positive and hope-full entries - such as yesterday. However, they seldom get commented on. But from my perspective they are the most important things that I write.

David said...

To clarify, that previous comment was not meant to criticise the blog per se. I find it excellently written and insightful. In my clumsy way I was just trying to gain an insight into what your perception is of what is going on behind the scenes on behalf of the good or divine. One imagines that Satan's masterful manipulation of our metaphysical assumptions must be countered by some equally important 'behind the scenes' work on behalf of the good. Its very tempting to imagine Angels working diligently to cultivate the pockets of the great in the good as they play out in mortal time amongst the world of men. I was hoping to stimulate some speculation into this. I sometimes feel that a chance encounter or experience puts me in touch with what I need to hear or see at the time. A stray white feather from the Arch angel left on a path for me to stumble upon or so imagine it. They seem to walk amongst us and rare glimpses of this work makes me smile to myself and remember that Satans work is not going unanswered all the time as the media might at times portray.

Ron said...

How does the word "narrative," compare to the words "ideology" and "metaphysics" as you describe them here? I often run across posts in which the author will complain snarkily that his point isn't acknowledged by his opponent because it doesn't fit the opponent's narrative. The author rarely if ever bothers to explain how the example doesn't fit the narrative or why it should fit or else alter the narrative.

Bruce Charlton said...

@David - Yes,I am sure that is correct - all kinds of good things at work.

But in the end, if men reject God, then they will damn themselves - it looks as if that is happening to a greater and greater extent.

We have no reason to despair - because at any point any man - or many - may repent and accept the salvation Christ has given us.

But, looking around, there seem few who accept and more and more who reject. It is our choice.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Ron - I suppose narrative has some relationship to metaphysics, although it is a smaller thing - and there can be many narratives within the same metaphysical system; but it is an intrinsically derogatory word; only used about other people's perspective.

Luqman said...

What is Leftism is nothing more or less than the state of godlessness, explicit or implicit; and this is the affliction of the West. Not mere irreligiousness, but distance from the Lord and unbelief in him as a dispenser of affairs. Its only when things start to crack that some realize exactly how fundamental such a true belief is to function. So yes, it is a metaphysical system and not a religion, very rightly.

Santoculto said...

Very interesting peace. Based on my multiple perspectives (better than ''modern'' scientific method, my ''humble'' opinion) should be right on specific or some perspectives, but will continue incomplete. Is important to find the idea-mother of this panacea of ideas, so-called ideology. The root of leftism.
I think in ''duality'' like the most important tools of life evolution. ''Left'' and ''right'' compete among ''them'' as evolution mechanisms. ''Left'' creates dysgenics (in Roman Empire, Greece, etc) when ''Right'' creates eugenics. Natural equilibrium. If humankind evolve above the capacity of our planet support this weight, sinistral forces appear to down these evolution.

The union of ''left'' and ''right'' i named it as ''supreme wisdom'' or God itself.

I see human existence (and all forms of life) as broken mirror, left and right side. Real diplomacy, love, God, when mirror is full.

When you understand it, wisdom will your philosophical way of life.

Thursday said...

I have long said that alleged religious aspects of advanced liberalism are pretty half hearted. To some extent it functions as a religion, but in doesn't really seem to work like other religions.

Some people point out the existence of liberal saints, like Gandhi, MLK, Mandela and such, but, to anyone who knows anything about non-WEIRD societies, they seem pretty marginal compared to, say, how pervasive saints were in Medieval Christian life, or even modern Hindu life. Similarly, some point to the Supreme Court of the United States as a sort of oracle, but liberalism in places like the UK seems to do quite well without that sort of thing.

It is certainly a view of ultimate reality though.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Thu - Yes, half-hearted and also very labile. Leftism is much clearer about what it is against than what it is for, and that trait gets ever more pronounced. However, it was there from the earliest partial forms of proto-Leftism such as Abolition, Pacifism etc.

Ugh said...

Re: science and the link provided to - Not even trying: the corruption of real science. While reading through this I was reminded of the exact same sentiments I encountered studying the Electric Universe Theory. This group of scientists dating back several decades postulating a theory that relativistic gravity is not organizing force of the universe but rather Electromagnetism is. All the while these scientists are being shunned and dismissed by the "scientific bureaucracy". One by one their predictions are being validated by the direct observation and laboratory testing that modern tools now allow. They are not wasting effort and billions of dollars searching for a God particle that proves nothing, the beginning of time or protecting their turf - they are doing science (at least from what I can tell). Whether they have put their finger on something or not it seems they are attempting real science...