Thursday 6 November 2014

What to look for in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer


These Ladybird Books published from 1959 onwards made a big impact on my childhood - both capturing country landscape as I experienced it, and sensitising me to see and feel more.

You can see that the illustrations are quite literally Works of Art - done by CF Tunnicliffe who was a Royal Academician, and who clearly took infinite pains to capture in microcosm the special atmospheres of English country life; as well as providing the basis for an education in nature. Each picture is a poem.

If you are English, or love England - then these are books you should own. Although located at the crux between traditional and modern (1950s) life, and depicting both - their spirit is in fact timeless.


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Davidstanley said...

Thanks for this Bruce, I remember them and will try to get some for my son who is finding reading hard but is very curious.