Friday 7 November 2014

What is the biggest threat to Satan's Plan in the modern world? Impatience!

While almost the whole of the World is quietly sleepwalking into Hell (and wholly by their own choice - not because they are forced to go there); the biggest of all threats to the success of Satan's plans is the impatience of his most radical and aggressive young slaves, servants and followers.

The biggest threat to the success of Satan's Big Plan is that the sleepwalkers will awaken before they reach their destination; and the most likely way that that will happen is if there is revolution, war, chaos, mass suffering...

Yet, as the forces of darkness get more and more power; this is exactly what Satan's minions want most desperately to inflict: and they want it NOW!


Reining-in these young, radical, fire-brands is going to become harder and harder - since they know that The System is covertly on their side, and that they can have all the fun of destruction, of exacerbating and enjoying the opportunities of decline, and of pretending to be brave but suffering minimal personal risk - having, indeed, a high chance of both immediate personal gratification and also eventual establishment embrace.


But Satan does not want the sleepwalkers to be woken - because in the long term it is much better for his Big Plan that things be kept soft, comfortable, indefinite, mildly hope-ful for as long as possible; until it really is too late; and then (but only then) will the minor demons and their servants be allowed a field-day - granted (for a while) complete license to slake their vile desires on Men and Women.


So, I think we may soon see something which has not been seen for two generations in The West: serious repression of the ultra-Left: a crack-down on the preachers of extreme radicalism and revolution.

For fifty years, the Far-Left have been cosseted and indulged and given status, security and glory; they have functioned as an avant garde for the mainstream progressives - but if they now come to be regarded as threatening the ultimate success of the Big Plan by waking-up the sleepwalkers, then we can anticipate seeing these personnel on the receiving-end of some very tough punishments.


Unless, that is, the Adversary himself (and his senior lower-archy) themselves become impatient, and cannot any longer bottle-up their lust for mass misery, torture, starvation, death and destruction.

This is quite likely - as short-termism is natural for evil; one of evil's most potent weapons.

In which case all that and more will happen, in a trice.

And then, the sleepwalkers will - some of them - suddenly awake; and more of them will repent before it is too late.

The horrible truth seems to be that the best 'hope' of the West may be Satan's itchy trigger finger...


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Heaviside said...

"The most dangerous party member: In every party there is one member who, by his all-too-devout pronouncement of the party principles, provokes the others to apostasy." - Nietzsche, Human All-Too-Human