Monday 20 July 2015

A cloudy summer

The kind of thing I have not been seeing, lately 
- a well-known landmark tree on Hadrian's Wall

I haven't seen the night sky properly in a long time - probably six weeks, could be more... I am losing track.

Partly because it does not get fully dark until about 11 pm at this time of year, and partly because it has been cloudy more-or-less the whole time.

The weather has been generally dry, we have had warm days, some sunshine, some strong winds, pretty high humidity, and quite a few evening thunderstorms - but the sky is almost never clear; or if it is, then just briefly.

I think the main reason is the wind direction - and the fact that there is wind.

I must say, I find it a bit depressing not to see the stars for so long a stretch - indeed I have hardly even seen the moon during hours of darkness; since it goes-along near to the horizon at the solstices - not getting high in the sky - and there are buildings, leafing trees or (the inevitable) clouds blocking the view for much for the time.

But I notice the difference. I miss the moon, planets, stars; and I will appreciate the night skies even more than I did before; when, eventually, I get to see them again.


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Nicholas Fulford said...

The night sky is magical. I love to look back through time and space, engulfed in what feels like an ancient stillness. To see the Milky Way, to make star trail images in my camera, as that lovely coolness gently raises the hairs on my arms; that I adore.

I am addicted to nature's beauty, enthralled with her many faces, and happy to be alive to experience night and day.

May the sky clear soon for you Bruce, and then go out for a long constitutional to be entranced by the allurement of the night sky.