Thursday 23 July 2015

Rudolf Steiner's remarkable prophecy of modern times from a century ago

I have been reading and listening to Rudolf Steiner for a few months, as if I was searching for something but I did not know what. Today I found it! It is an astonishing, inspired and prophetic essay entitled, rather tangentially, The Work of the Angel in our Astral Body.

The months of rather desultory and aimless exploring served to prepare me so that I could understand this very difficult and concentrated and jargon filled piece - which, as is usual with Steiner, contains much that is bizarre and apparently arbitrary - but my attention was arrested initially by this astonishing passage which foresaw exactly our current situation.

The reason we are in this situation, according to Steiner, is the wrong exercise of our free will to ignore (by sleeping through - in an attempt to return to the immersive spirituality primal animism) or refuse (in the name of a scientism that disbelieves the spiritual altogether) what should have been a step forward in our human evolution: a conscious spirituality focused on Christ.

Here lies the great danger for the age of the Spiritual Soul. This is what might still happen if, before the beginning of the third millennium, men were to refuse to turn to the spiritual life. The third millennium begins with the year 2000, so it is only a short time ahead of us. It might still happen that the aim of the Angels in their work would have to be achieved by means of the sleeping bodies of men — instead of through men wide-awake. The Angels might still be compelled to withdraw their whole work from the astral body and to submerge it in the etheric body in order to bring it to fulfillment. But then, in his real being, man would have no part in it. It would have to be performed in the etheric body while man himself was not there, just because if he were there in the waking state he would obstruct it.

I have now given you a general picture of these things. But what would be the outcome if the Angels were obliged to perform this work without man himself participating, to carry it out in his etheric and physical bodies during sleep?

The outcome in the evolution of humanity would unquestionably be threefold.

Firstly, something would be engendered in the sleeping human bodies — while the ego and astral body were not within them — and man would meet with it on waking in the morning ... but then it would become instinct instead of conscious spiritual activity and therefore baleful. It is so indeed: certain instinctive knowledge that will arise in human nature, instinctive knowledge connected with the mystery of birth and conception, with sexual life as a whole, threatens to become baleful if the danger of which I have spoken takes effect. Certain Angels would then themselves undergo a change — a change of which I cannot speak, because this is a subject belonging to the higher secrets of initiation-science which may not yet be disclosed.

But this much can certainly be said: The effect in the evolution of humanity would be that certain instincts connected with the sexual life would arise in a pernicious form instead of wholesomely, in clear waking consciousness. These instincts would not be mere aberrations but would pass over into and configure the social life, would above all prevent men — through what would then enter their blood as the effect of the sexual life — from unfolding brotherhood in any form whatever on the Earth, and would rather induce them to rebel against it. This would be a matter of instinct.

So the crucial point lies ahead when either the path to the right can be taken — but that demands wakefulness — or the path to the left, which permits of sleep. But in that case instincts come on the scene — instincts of a fearful kind.
And what do you suppose the scientific experts will say when such instincts come into evidence? They will say that it is a natural and inevitable development in the evolution of humanity. Light cannot be shed on such matters by natural science, for whether men become angels or devils would be equally capable of explanation by scientific reasoning. Science will say the same in both cases: the later is the outcome of the earlier ... so grand and wise is the interpretation of nature in terms of causality!

Natural science will be totally blind to the event of which I have told you, for if men become half devils through their sexual instincts, science will as a matter of course regard this as a natural necessity. Scientifically, then, the matter is simply not capable of explanation, for whatever happens, everything can be explained by science. The fact is that such things can be understood only by spiritual, supersensible cognition. That is the one aspect.

The second aspect is that from this work which involves changes affecting the Angels themselves, still another result accrues for humanity: instinctive knowledge of certain medicaments — but knowledge of a baleful kind!

Everything connected with medicine will make a great advance in the materialistic sense. Men will acquire instinctive insights into the medicinal properties of certain substances and certain treatments — and thereby do terrible harm. But the harm will be called useful. A sick man will be called healthy, for it will be perceived that the particular treatment applied leads to something pleasing. People will actually like things that make the human being — in a certain direction — unhealthy.

Knowledge of the medicinal effects of certain processes and treatments will be enhanced, but this will lead into very baleful channels. For man will come to know through certain instincts what kind of illnesses can be induced by particular substances and treatments. And it will then be possible for him either to bring about or not to bring about illnesses, entirely as suits his egotistical purposes.

The third result will be this. Man will get to know of definite forces which, simply by means of quite easy manipulations — by bringing into accord certain vibrations — will enable him to unleash tremendous mechanical forces in the world. Instinctively he will come to realize in this way the possibility of exercising a certain spiritual guidance and control of the mechanistic principle — and the whole of technical science will sail into desolate waters. But human egoism will find these desolate waters of tremendous use and benefit.
This, my friends, is a fragment of concrete knowledge of the evolution of existence, a fragment of a conception of life which can be truly assessed only by those who realise that an unspiritual view of life can never grow clear about these things.

If a form of medicine injurious to humanity were ever to take root, if a terrible aberration of the sexual instincts were to arise, if there were baleful doings in the sphere of the purely mechanistic forces of the world, in the application of the forces of nature by means of spiritual powers, an unspiritual conception of life would see through none of these things, would not perceive how they deviate from the true path ... 

The sleeper, as long as sleep lasts, does not see the approach of a thief who is about to rob him; he is unaware of it and at most he finds out later on, when he wakes, what has been done to him.

But it would be a bad awakening for humanity! Man would pride himself upon the growth of his instinctive knowledge of certain processes and substances and would experience such satisfaction in obeying certain aberrations of the sexual impulses that he would regard them as evidence of a particularly high development of superhumanity, of freedom from convention, of broad-mindedness! In a certain respect, ugliness would be beauty and beauty, ugliness.

Nothing of this would be perceived because it would all be regarded as natural necessity. But it would denote an aberration from the path which, in the nature of humanity itself, is prescribed for man's essential being.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Thank you. Never read this bit of Steiner. But he was accurate about other stuff too. Extraordinary man actually. His followers, or rather, Steiner people, seem strangely out of place in our modern world. Two of our children were educated at Waldorf Schools, and our son-in-law did all his schooling there. Therefore, I know a lot of "Steiner" people. The schools and the people are looked upon by many in the UK, as kind of "Woo". But then, spirituality is out of fashion now, and the "sleepers" rule!

Nathaniel said...

Sounds like an accurate description of transhumanism!

Heaviside said...

"The third result will be this. Man will get to know of definite forces which, simply by means of quite easy manipulations — by bringing into accord certain vibrations — will enable him to unleash tremendous mechanical forces in the world. Instinctively he will come to realize in this way the possibility of exercising a certain spiritual guidance and control of the mechanistic principle — and the whole of technical science will sail into desolate waters."

I have heard a story concerning Steiner, one where he instructs certain eccentric inventors famous for allegedly contributing to the reichsflugscheiben in an "aether science". At first something like that would have struck me as just a silly fable, but over the years I have read more and more literature which inclines me to believe that it is possible to reconstruct this "aether science" in a rigorous mathematical form. It has become one of my obessions. Gennady Bondarev mentioned certain efforts to control the supernatural using electromagnetic devices. He seemed to imply that this was necessarily bad. It would be a big loss for me if research into this topic were to be revealed as necessarily evil because it is so compelling to me. It is intoxicating. I never thought this would have any connection to the supernatural when I began this research; I just wanted to control the natural. One of the things that fascinated me about science as a child was the power of nuclear weapons.

Bruce Charlton said...

@H - It does sound rather dubious - especially if/ when it got into the hands of our current rulers - Still, general rules are treacherous, and you need to use your own discernment as best you may. Religious people have made as many wrong/ harmful decisions by trying to stick to a 'safety first' principle, as they have in the opposite direction - there is no 'safety' in life, and to pursue safety exclusively is death - and a denial of our mortal purpose.

Bruce Charlton said...

@tlf - Sadly, I think that Anthroposophy has become assimilated into New Age politically correct Leftism, in a way that probably would not have happened has his followers taken seriously Steiner's repeated and explicit insistence on the important of the events of Golgotha and the centrality of Christ to world history. The specific technologies invented by Steiner in education, medicine, agriculture, dance etc seem to have become the exclusive focus of his followers. My own interest is in Steiner as a mystical (and indeed prophetic) Christian - although this entails filtering-out a lot of extremely detailed material from Steiner's vast oeuvre that seems to me of doubtful relevance or validity. This may sound fast-and-loose, but I can cite the precedent of Owen Barfield, perhaps Steiner's greatest British follower among intellectuals, who also did a great deal of filtering.

baduin said...

If you like Steiner, you could listen to lectures of Manly Hall - he covers much the same topic, from a bit more orthodox Hermetic point of view, but - similarly to Theosophists - a great Indian and Buddhist influence. He shows the ideas of the opposite site, as he was 33 degree Mason.

His complete lectures can be downloaded from the usual place.

Listen to the series Invisible Bodies of Men in Hindu Philosophy.

Anonymous said...


I'm no academic, preferring knowledge to be less systemised, but, humbly, I disagree that it is Anthroposophy that has been assimilated into New Age anything - but rather Theosophy. Not being a Christian, I cant tell whether there is a New Age Christian movement, but that there IS one that is NOT Christian. In that "Christ Consciousness" talk has no reference to actual Christianity. But "Christ" is a representation ( a metaphor as Barfield might say) of an evolved consciousness, as with other masters, living or ascended, whatever. That is very Theosophical. Anthroposophy is a take on Theosophy, without the eastern flavour, as Steiner was incarnated in Europe and a catholic at that. He produced something for his culture, as required by his circumstances. His writings are too academic/mystical for ordinary people to grasp, but in education, farming etc, his ideas appeal.

Being an Anthroposophist allowed Barfied not to dump Christianity. But to write about "untouchable" things - like the evolution of consciousness - like re incarnation - un-orthodox ideas, I think.

I don't know much about him. But I think I remember he smoked a pipe, which immediately endeared him to me. Another example of a smoker living a long, inspired life!

ClariceOnTheDigitalLibrarian said...

I'd be really careful in leaning toward theosophy rather than Steiner's anthroposophy and also missing the fact that the Mystery of Golgotha is central to anthroposophy. The Mystery of Christ allows us a rope to pull ourselves up by, a pathway carved out to follow in order to avoid the pseudo-truth spirituality of Luciferianism and the fruitless, formulaic labyrinths of materialistic and mechanistic science inculcated in us by the Ahrimanic influence. Both Luciferianism and Ahrimanism are working directly in this age on our astral bodies and Steiner says it has to be this way for complete human development. However, if the Christ influence is neglected or outweighed - to put it crudely - we are rooted.