Sunday 12 July 2015

Nietzsche is not enough

Life, or Vitality, is - as Nietzsche argued - necessary. But it is not enough.

Everything that Nietzsche said may be regarded as true - but it would still be deficient.

The same applies - only more so - to the modern Western world-view (so indebted, as it is, to Nietzsche - yet so inferior): Grant all its conclusions yet it is still grossly, radically, insufficient.

Man simply must have purpose - and purpose depends meaning, and meaning depends on a personal relationship with reality.

Men are born with a great deal of understanding of this built-in, and the spontaneous desire to build-upon it. Yet we moderns are taught to deny these innate basics, and to try (often half-heartedly) to rebuild relation, meaning and purpose on the foundations we have wrecked - it cannot be done, so we give-up on relation, meaning, and purpose - and we despair (as is natural).

The mistakes are buried deep, the foundations are heaped with layers of rubble - but if the foundations can be uncovered - and they can; they will serve.


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