Tuesday 30 August 2016

England and music, story and fable

Posts by William Wildblood and John Fitzgerald at Albion Awakening



John p said...

I've just started reading your thought prison book and I find it extraordinarily perceptive. It's a probe of modern (or 'postmodern') consciousness through the lens of p.c. consciousness... Which could also be called white consciousness... Or Post protestant liberal consciousness... or Neo primitive electronic consciousness... And so on.... What I mean is you are getting at THIS age's consciousness, without slamming us against the cognitive walls of message crafters and narrative or ideology pushers, or label or brand partisans. To someone who reads too much fresh shit on the internet, this is already (and I've only just started) a gratifingly thought-provoking (rather than emotion-provoking) text. And anything that can stir us into the disinterested contemplation of reality, even that which is the description of a malady we all must live with to some degree, is much appreciated because so useful and so rare today.


-- a Student of Wyndham Lewis and Marshall McLuhan.

Bruce Charlton said...

@John - Thanks for your comment (for future reference, please leave-off the crude language!).

John p said...

Excuse me!

"As PC is itself an abstract system at its purest level; the satisfactions of PC are, naturally, themselves equally abstract."

This section is in wonderful correspondence I think with a truth expressed by Roy Campbell (in 1931 I believe):

"As a vegetarian gets far more pleasure out of reading up in text-books about various pepsins, proteins, and vitamins than out of eating them, and more satisfaction out of eschewing meat than out of swallowing lentils, so in its attitude to life, art, and sex, this liberal-protestant consciousness lives more fully in what it lacks, eschews, or denies than in what it possesses or enjoys."