Tuesday 23 August 2016

We are living under Plan B for Modern Western individuals and societies

Fairly obviously, things weren't meant to be as they have turned out! - we are living aganst God's plan for us: God's Plan A failed because we didn't want it, wouldn't have it.

But, if we have - as a civilisation, and most individuals - rejected Plan A which was the fastest, best and highest possible plan for Man's future; then we are instead living under divine Plan B.

The condition of Modern Western Man - his life divided between an Official World of pseudo-rational bureaucracy, and a Mass Media World of the deification of impulse and identity...

Man as just-an-Abstraction versus Man as just-an-Animal...

Since, that is, we find ourselves in a state of desperation; divided between, oscillating between, Intellect and Instinct, and without Heart -- a choice neither remotely satisfying nor adequate to our needs -- Then this can be seen as a long, slow-and-painful route to the same goal as Plan A.

Man is an agent, choice is intrinsic to the human condition - we are 'free' to reject God, divine order, the supersensible - free to reject purpose meaning and divine love as the basis of creation - free to reject creation itself...

And we have rejected all of these - but God has not given up on us! We rejected Plan A and are therefore living under Plan B.

Plan B is severely suboptimal - but it can get us to the same place in the end - thanks to Plan B we will be given another chance and choice.

Consequent upon our choice to reject a unified and divinely-ordered world where we recognise all Men as Sons and Daughters of God; the world as alive and our destiny through eternity to become fully children of God -- we are living in a world of despair interspersed with distraction; where life is draining of the last vestiges of purpose and meaning, and human relationships devolve to a dynamic balance of exploitation...

The division between subjective and objective, instinct and intellect, get greater and greater until - as individuals and as a society - we come to a point where they are unendurable.

We will be forced to choose between living purely-selfish, short-termist and self-gratifying lives - slaves to our animal impulses - and allowing civilisation, social organisation, virtue, to collapse altogether; or else live as slaves to The System, cogs in a machine, microchips serving the internet, serfs of The demonic Establishment - 'transhuman' because much-less-than human.

Or, when Plan B has run its course; we will at long last abandon the Modern Western assumptions - no God or gods, no reality of Good (no truth, no beauty, no virtue), no soul, no life beyond mortality, no objective purpose or meaning, no real relationships, no permanence, no validity - those seductive metaphysical poisons that have led us - finally - to an insane choice of false options.

Of course, we may still choose damnation

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