Friday 12 August 2016

Why is God apparently hidden? - a three-point explanation

1. God is the creator and our loving Father (i.e. we are his children). We, then, are eternal and immortal but immature proto-gods; and the creator's goal is to raise us up to his 'adult' level, by providing an environment in which we may evolve through through an extremely long and varied sequence of experiences and decisions (including, but not restricted to, those of embodied mortal life).

But, because each of us is a proto-god, this can only happen if we want it to happen, if we want to evolve to full divinity in company of our loving spiritual family.

Therefore, mortal life on earth is essentially a learning process, and the basic situation is that we do things for ourselves, work things out for ourselves, make our own choices and take the consequences.

2. But that is no reason why God should be hidden.

However, in fact God has not been hidden - as a general, world-historical rule. Almost everybody who lives and who has lived, finds the presence of divinity to be obvious. It is Modern, Western Man specifically who complains that God is hidden - this means that the basic problem is that MWM is self-blinded to the presence of God.

Yet there are wide disagreements concerning the nature of divinity - why should this be? Why should the specific nature of God be obscure? The reason is simply that each Man is a proto-divinity, and embryonic-God, an entity of potentially vast love, creativity and knowledge...

Therefore, knowledge cannot be forced upon us, we are not 'sponges' waiting to be filled: we are 'co-gods' with attitudes, ideas, motivations of our own; therefore we must learn by the tough but deep road of trial and error, engagement and experience and so forth - knowledge is (as ultimately it must be if it is to be our owned knowledge) an active achievement. 

3. There is an evolutionary sequence to go through in the path to higher divinity. This entails that each Man begin with the primal infant-like state of immersive but relatively passive awareness of God; passive in the sense that we had a minimal and poorly-differentiated awareness of ourselves - we did not feel fully separate from God.

Then each must pass through a state of full clarity and consciousness of our-selves as distinct beings from God. This phase - which may be momentary - is en route to the goal of simultaneous awareness of Ourselves and God.

So, in every human life evolving towards full deity, there will necessarily be a moment-at-least of awareness, of separation of our-selves from God.

Modern Western Man is, however, (and for various reasons; mostly his own wicked fault) stuck in that necessary moment - and stubbornly refusing to move-on: hence MWM cannot perceive God, and God seems to be hidden.


pyrrhus said...

Beautiful post....Yes, God is not hidden.As Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote, "The world is charged with the grandeur of God, it will flame out like shining from shook foil...." Modern eyes have simply been programmed not to see Him....

Nathaniel said...

The stars are much harder to view these days.