Wednesday 7 September 2016

2016 - The Establishment doubling-down on self-destruction, and beginning the time of final choice

It seems there is a powerful destiny shaping events towards a time of choice in the modernised West - a benign destiny from the point of view of those who recognise that a large majority of the Western population are already in a state of despair, nihilism and spiritual death, and further 'progress' in the same direction will lead to the situation becoming irrevocable at the mass level.

According to almost all easily available evidence, the Establishment (the demonic conspiracy who are behind the global elite strategy of spiritual corruption and inversion by means of their ideology secular Leftism - spearheaded by the sexual revolution) are getting close to a situation of closure; when they have complete control over all significant perceptual inputs from the mass media, official propaganda, the educational system laws and regulations etc.

This would enable them to achieve self-chosen mass damnation by the dual strategy of the modern metaphysics that only sensory information is real, combined with control of all sensory information.

But for the evil global conspiracy - things are not going according to plan...

Brexit was the first major sign that the Establishment are in a state of conflict and chaos, and have failed to brainwash the masses to anything like the extent they (and I) had supposed had already happened. This led to several days of unguarded hysterical venting and increasingly open disagreement within the elites, which situation continues.

It seems ever clearer that the elite leadership are operating on the basis of grossly false information, according to a kind of 'wishful thinking of evil' (familiar from the gloating monologues of comic and movie villains!) - whereby they have come to believe their own spin and lies - designed to mislead the masses: and are now fighting imaginary enemies and ignoring the real sources of danger to their victory.

(Indeed, in a sense, the elites are physically incapable of knowing the real threats to their hegemony, since these threats are operating in domains which they cannot perceive or influence, and the reality of which they deny.)

How else to explain the almost incredible doubling-down on the US Presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton, when she is very clearly and obviously in moderately-advanced state of some kind of degenerative neurological disease (probably Parkinsonism, being treated with L-dopa and psychostimulants?)

The global conspirators imagine that this can be concealed from the US electorate by ramping-up the mass media filtering and control and propaganda (and medication...) - but they are objectively wrong, it is too late already; yet they cannot perceive it!

Even given the appeal that HRC would be the first purposively-evil Presidential candidate - who would be actively destructive of Good; and that Donald Trump is a perfectly reasonable Plan B candidate for the Establishment (his strategy being to carry on the same path of terminal spiritual decline, but a bit more slowly) - the Establishment are oblivious to the deeper reality of the emerging situation - and the unpredictable but potentially massive consequences of enforcing such a profound and obvious fraud.

There is certainly no guarantee that this will end well, and how it ends may be determined outwith the mainstream political domain (i.e. not necessarily by recorded votes or via official power groups) - but there is a coming window of opportunity; and a guarantee that many people will be awakening to the reality of their basic situation and the scope and depth of deception in which they are currently complicit.

What happens then, is up to them.

Note: If you recall the big 'Mayan Calendar' fuss about the winter solstice of 2012 supposedly being the start of a new spiritual era - and then to all appearances nothing at all happened - then my interpretation is that something of the kind anticipated in 2012 was and is brewing-up; but that many people were misled by 'numerology' into giving it a specific and pre-determined date and outcome, which takes no account of human agency.

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pyrrhus said...

Great post! Indeed, the West may be faced with the ultimate choice....