Sunday 4 September 2016

Albion is not only for the English, nor do English people necessarily know Albion - from William Wildblood writing at Albion Awakening

Albion and England are different even if, from a higher standpoint, they are related aspects of the same overall entity. 

This means that just because you are English you don't necessarily know anything about Albion. It may totally escape you or you may think you know it but are confusing your understanding of England with Albion, the White Country. 

And I would add that just because you are not English does not mean that you do not know Albion. You may attune yourself to it through heredity or just through an inner resonance or fellow feeling. Indeed, the key is feeling or sympathy or even love.

If you feel yourself attracted to Albion, if you are drawn to it through a sense of mystery and enchantment, if you respond to it at all, then you are a part of it wherever you come from because Albion is a country of the imagination. 

This does not mean it is not real. On the contrary, it is very real as a true spiritual archetype.

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