Wednesday 14 September 2016

Synchronicity is awareness that life is like a dream - made of meaningful relationships between living entities

Synchronicity is not about communication - it is about relationships - it is what would be expected when we are in a relationship with reality.

We misconstrue synchronicity if we describe it from the assumption of a baseline state of reality as meaningless; acausal, random occurrences without direction or purpose; life as something which (mostly) 'just happens'.

Synchronicity is supposed to arise like an island of meaning against this sea of meaningless background: like a picture emerging from random dots, a tune emerging from 'white noise'. Synchronicity is sometimes seen as being like a 'coded communication' - an indirect attempt to communicate some piece of information to us by some arrangement of 'coincidences'.

But this understanding of synchronicity assumes that Life is nearly-all discrete, granular, autonomous and unconnected events: just 'bits' of information.

In contrast, synchronicityis 'telling' us the opposite about Life - that in reality our Life is a web of relationships between conscious entities - like a dream.

The point of synchronicity is really very simple, and does not need decoding - because it is not a informational message. Synchronicity is the sudden awareness that Life is a web of connected and pusposive relationships; and that there are many entities around us involved in these relationships - things as well as people.

Synchronicity is not information, it is the awareness that there is life and consciousness, meaning and purpose all around us and everywhere: it is a recognition that real life partakes of the quality of a dream; with the implication that there is a dreamer, a creator.   

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Nathaniel said...

Thank you Bruce. I've noticed a synchronicity since I was rather young, and has appeared in clusters at different times. I thought for a long time that it was a message communicating a "warning", but your article reminded me it appears to more simply coincide when significant life events or changes occur. It seems a reminder of purpose and meaning, as you say.