Monday 31 October 2016

Farewell to the legendary Riccy Road Flats...

The above rather unlovely edifice is 25E Richardson Road, one of the student flats in Newcastle that I inhabited for two years as a medical student - and just now I walked up the road to take a (perhaps) final look at it; since the whole complex is currently being demolished by the university to make way for a vast wall of high rise, high density accommodation.

For its many faults - especially noisiness (the discovery of effective ear plugs was an essential) - I have fond memories of living in this flat. It is associated with one of the happiest times of my pre-married adult life - especially with wide and deep explorations of music, opera, drama and literature (as well as medicine!).

The first year, in particular, was an extremely lively and stimulating group of students; and with many others very nearby. It was that era of 'things opening out' which is the great theme of coming-of-age novels and movies. It has the quality of myth in my memory.  

For example, I still have pleasant dreams about living in these flats - also 27F just around the corner where I spent about 3 rather idyllic months in the summer of 1979, just commencing my clinical studies but with an usually large amount of free time (a lot for a medical student).

Anyway, it is sad that these funny little flats, with their triangular kitchen windows,  are being mown down rather than smartened-up, when there is so much so more deserving of demolition that remains standing.

So it goes...

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