Monday 17 October 2016

Question: Why are politicians, bureaucrats, executives and officials paid *so much* to make such utterly worthless speeches?

Answer: It is a bribe.

The speech itself means nothing; it is merely an acceptable excuse for handing-over large amounts of cash to influence powerful individuals - for all the many and usual reasons that bribes are given to such people.

The audience to such speeches are just warm bodies necessary to supply face legitimacy to the process.


Adam G. said...

Obvious, but sometimes what is obvious needs to be said.

Thank you.

Nathaniel said...

This election has shown "things coming to a point" more than any other during my lifetime, and exposed the utter corruption of the ruling class. It is blatantly obvious for anyone with eyes to see, to the point where I think denial and feigned ignorance itself requires a purposeful force of will.

Those things always suspected are brought to the light for all to see.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Nathaniel - Agreed. On the other hand, people are by now quite astonishingly well-trained never to join the dots for themselves.