Friday 7 October 2016

The essence of Albion?

A really wonderful new essay by John Fitzgerald, inspired by his love of the East-West train journey between Newcastle upon Tyne and Liverpool, through Durham and York, and across 'the backbone of England':


Dualist said...

This is a beautiful, gently-stirring piece of prose, if you don't mind me saying.

I was born and raised in one of the grinding industrial towns orbiting Liverpool, one that had long given up the ghost with the closure of the factories, and so the closest I ever got to SEEING the Albion you evoke was in books. But I could still feel it, most clearly from my grandparents' generation, who were noticeably better people than my parents', who were much better than my own.

I too have Hope that a reawakening is possible.

Leo said...

Americans are part of the Anglosphere, but we are distanced from our roots in Albion, and American history and geography is not so deeply and intricately layered, at least not that we can see. This is related to what Australians call the tyranny of distance.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Leo - I believe that the USA, at least in its essence, was destined to inherit the destiny from the British Isles if/ when they/ we failed to accept it; and this can be seen from the fact that from the early 19th until the mid-20th century the US was without doubt the centre of creativity and devoutness in international Christianity; most obviously in being the chosen place for the prophetic emergence and growth of the CJCLDS.

The US has currently abandoned this destiny, but it needs to be taken up again by some group - preferably (first choice) in Albion or the British diaspora.