Saturday 22 October 2016

'Gone mental': The deep meaning of upper middle class post-Brexit vote catastrophizing

The response of the upper middle (professional, higher-educated, willing-servants-of-evil) class to the Brexit vote has been astonishing to behold - they have (to use Ron Weasley's favourite phrase) 'Gone mental'.

I am directly aware of this both in the professional communications I receive as circulars, and in the many conversations I overhear - as well as in the mass media (which is of course not reliable, because manipulative).

At first I thought that this was a sham of some kind - people pretending; but I have gradually become convinced that it is genuine - despite all the evidence and common sense and personal experience - these people are really afraid that if a country is not a member of the European Union, then everything they value will become impossible.

Maybe they are right - in a deep sense; maybe for Britain actually to leave the EU would be the end of that comfort, convenience, sexual possibility and distraction to which The West is addicted and which it cannot see beyond?

But why? Why should should a thing be regarded as a realistic consequence of Brexit? After all, Switzerland, Norway, the USA, Canada - plenty of secular Leftist places are not EU members?

Ah, but that is not the same as leaving. Leaving would be a reversal and overturning of decades of 'progress' towards an Establishment-controlled materialist nihilist totalitarian world government; and that would really be a catastrophe, which might not end there but might be the first and crucial strand to break in that vast web of lies in which - the elite recognise - they have made, sustain and in which we all dwell.

One broken thread - and the UK is a very thick and structural thread - strains all the other threads; snapping the UK thread may lead to a chain reaction. 

So far, the signs (judged not by words but actual actions) are that the Brexit catastrophizers have nothing to worry about; since nothing at all has happened to begin Brexit - and it must be assumed that the government has zero intention of a genuine Brexit, but is implementing some kind of 'Brexit-in-name-only' which will leave core matters unchanged, and the web of lies intact.

Will they get away with this? That is unclear at present - certainly the Establishment will get away with Brexit-in-name-only on current trends, since there is currently no significant perceptible pro-Brexit group, or activity, or movement - or, at least, none that I can detect... 

But anyone who doubted the significance of a real Brexit should be convinced by what happened since the pro-Brexit vote: the sheer 'mental' terror of the Establishment lackeys and minions reveals that if Brexit happened fully and soon, it really would strike a blow against the culture of death which is deliberately driving us towards willed spiritual suicide.


Dexter said...

US establishment went slightly mental over election of W Bush. NOTHING changed. Same policies as Bill Clinton and Obama, though those afflicted with " Bush Derangement Syndrome" refuse to acknowledge this.

Trump really, really sends the US establishment mental. Sham? They always Hitlerize Republican candidates. But if Trump actually did anything close to what he says, it would threaten the establishment's evil plan for national suicide.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Dexter - I lived through the Margaret Thatcher era - and she was loathed by the same group, who ranted against her at every manufactured opportunity.

But this is different, because Brexit is impersonal, an abstraction. There is no leader to focus-upon or to blame - the perceived threat is amorphous and incalculable. I think that may be what has driven them mental.

Philip Neal said...

A very noticeable trend in the Clinton-Blair-Cameron years is what I think of as the coalescence of the blobs, those symbioses of lobbyists, think tanks, social scientists, NGOs etc which keep left-wing conventional wisdom in power whoever is in power. Increasingly, the education blob has policies on diversity, the diversity blob has policies on health, the health blob has policies on human rights, the human rights blob has policies on education (and they all have policies on climate change). The EU has been instrumental in the coalescence of the blobs and any threat to it is a threat to them all.