Monday 10 October 2016

Now is the time for (urgent) patient brooding

As the world is being panicked, stampeded and manipulated on a daily basis by the ultra-elite Establishment in politics, corporations and the media; funnelling us into a pre-prepared corrall; what should we - personally - do?

There is a temptation to rush from place to place, fighting the fires of false information and interpretation - which is exactly what they would most like us to do; because it is much easier to start than to extinguish fires, and because we are bound to fail with so corrupted a population as exists in The West.

The root of the problem is that Western people have no centres, no core, no ballast - we are 'the hollow men': and to a greater extent than any body ever before. The mass of the people (essentially from their own fault, by their own choices) have no principles, no strong or stable convictions, no hope and no belief in meaning or purpose.

Such people cannot be argued-with or persuaded towards a good they deny: as things stand, they cannot be helped to save their souls and become real Men because they do not want to be helped: they merely want to be distracted, entertained, reassured, intoxicated... Their aims are merely psychological, and the enemy have all the psychological weapons and medicines.

Where do we start, what could we advise?

If you agree that the root of the distinctive modern problem is the pervasive 24/7 propaganda, arriving via official channels, the workplace and (mainly) the mass and social media; then the answer is simple: it is withdrawal.

If people retreat from the indoctrination and socialisation, automatic spiritual processes will come into play; people will (because god is within them, as well as outside) begin to correct-themselves. Counter-propaganda, while useful in theory, is not strictly necessary.

'Normal' in our world is grossly and increasingly unnatural - therefore there is a spontaneous power of self-correction, which will begin to happen if allowed to happen.

The world is very confusing and most things we think we know are manipulative lies - the answer is some version of that Patient Brooding which I believe underlies true creativity of all kinds - whatever most concerns us, that we ought patient to brood on.

That is what is most necessary, and will be sufficient, to begin to reverse the evil spell that rests upon our souls. Take the first step back from the precipice, and further steps will become possible - then easier.

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