Monday 3 October 2016

The Restoration of Monarchy etc.

Over at Albion Awakening, John Fitzgerald blogs on the nature of Monarchy and the possibilities of its restoration, musing on the mythic hopes for a The Sleeping King:

And a correspondent notices that the best time for a spiritual awakening may be coming in about 12 weeks...


John Rockwell said...

Have you seen this argument before by John Knox against Queens?

I do not recall if I have made this argument before but a little refresher.

Biblically Monarchy appears to be a male institution and women seemed not in any way were allowed to have Authority over men.

Bruce Charlton said...

That is a different question, I think. But Christian societies have always had women in authority over men, in many situations - so far as I know.

On the other hand, I adhere to the Mormon understanding that women and men are not interchangeable, and are metaphysically different from eternity - and there is no such thing as a generic 'human being'.

How this works out in social rules is a secondary matter - but we should never expect 'symmetry' when it comes to the sexes.