Wednesday 10 May 2017

Don't get distracted by unreligious politics

The whole mainstream political world, the entirety of media and public discourse about it - is secular, is excluding of Christianity by assumption - it is all a part of the problem, and not a step towards an answer.

It is the loss, exclusion, rejection of God that is the problem - and the same for the whole world of non-material reality - and it is utterly absurd to expect any change or imporvement in this profound deficit merely from a different set of secular materialist priorities - which is all that the the so-called 'Right' are offering, or even talking-about.

I have been heartened by the Brexit vote; but of itself Brexit has zero potential for Good. At the most optimistic Brexit may slow the drumbeat-led lock-step march into willed-national-suicide.

Brexit is only of value if it is a sign of early spiritual revival - but if Brexit is merely an expedient aimed at greater prosperity, a more comfortable life... then it will just be yet another Bad Thing: the opposite of what is absolutely required.

We are so advanced in corruption, in addiction to the distractions and conveniences of consumer nihilism, we are so deeply wrong in our evaluations and priorities - that we shy away even from thinking about the scope of what is required of us. 

Raising consciousness, 'sensible' measures, 'practical' reforms, the lesser of evils.... these are utterly worthless from our mental situation of hopeless lies, confusion and demotivation.

We must sort-out our thinking, and we must sort it out First; and other stuff must be neglected until we have done so.


lgude said...

Last year when I saw the Brexit vote, I was thrilled that the voters had stood up to the great and the good. Now there is a chance, I said to myself, that Great Britain will not go gently into that good-night. I have a great store of emotion in me that rages against the dying of the light and I felt it well up that day. Perhaps no people have climbed higher than the English above that initial ledge which Toynbee described as the interim resting place of the human race, five or so millennia ago, at the beginning of the period when civilisations emerged. I am not British, but American by birth and Australian by choice. But you are right - it is all for nought if there is no spiritual awakening. I know this, yet this is the only blog I know were I can say this. And yes i have some sorting out to do because I spend far too much time reading political material where the primacy of God is negated by assumption. Spending time thus is a willing participation in Hell, but this place allows God to coexist with the devolution of our civilisation and is therefore a joyful Purgatory. Thank you again.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Igude - It is pleasing to hear from a fellow spirit.