Tuesday 30 May 2017

Here and Now we must turn-aside from politics, economics, society and sexuality - and as first priority sort-out our cowardly, despairing anti-spirituality

Men have been on the wrong track, hijacked and diverted, for many generations - probably about 200 years. Instead of pursuing the development of human consciousness and thinking, as was our destiny; we have (I mean in The West - where the change was intended to begin) been diverted into focusing on (in approximate order) politics, economics, society and sexuality.

We have had spiritual impulses, but at the social level these have been corrupted into evil. Impulses for freedom, for self-development, for agency; for a recognition of all Men as spiritual siblings and gods-in-embryo (because children of God) and of Life as based in universal consciousness...

All such have been taken and twisted by the great evil strategy of 'Leftism' (led, invisibly, by immortal demonic powers) - into pacifism, abolitionism, anti-clericalism and anti-Christianity, the class warfares of Marxism and socialism and communism, ecology and Green politics, feminism, antiracism and diversity, and the multifaceted sunversions and inversions of the revolution in sex and sexuality. 

Indeed the phenomenon occurs with a sickening predictability! As soon as there is some kind of spiritual impulse that contains some kind of good; it is rapidly and near-completely diverted into some kind of programme - some scheme or plan - for externally changing society, for changing people... a law, regulation, system, blueprint, flow chart... nowadays typically into ultra-surveillance and micro-management.

As we look-around, here and now, we perceive a world of mass media and bureaucracy and leisure, in which the whole thing has been pretty much sewn-up. Attention is relentlessly fixed externally onto political, economic, social and sexual affairs.

Our capacity to think is blocked - apparently almost completely, and with just a few cracks remaining in the system through which experience and contemplation may, at rare times, penetrate.

THIS is why we must now, and for a while, stop ourselves from focusing our minds onto the 'problems' of our society - the problems of politics, economics, society and sexuality. Turn aside, turn inward.

Yet people are trapped, have been trapped. Our present attitudes will lead to defeat - that really ought to be clear by now! So we must change our deepest perceptions and understanding of the world. And if we must change the deepest pre-conceptions; then we must disengage to do this. And must means must - if we do not disengage and work on primary things we are doomed for sure and certain.

We cannot 'wait until things are sorted-out' and we have breathing space; we cannot first engage in practical problem-solving (about, say, the economy, immigration, evil laws) and then move on to spiritual matters. We cannot do this because we are already too deeply corrupted and demotivated to do any constructive work. A corrupt and cowardly population cannot 'fix' things - by meddling they will instead make them worse.

But because matters are worsening all the time, we fear to set-aside worldly concerns and focus on the spirit. We are afraid to let the forces of evil proceed unopposed - even though all that opposition can achieve is a minuscule slowing of the rate of corruption; yet we are afraid even to allow this, for fear that things may go too far, too fast...

Well, the fact is that we are not stopping the corruption, therefore the longer we delay - the further things will go. And yet the ultimate problem is not really things going too far, but the corruption of the population (by totalitarianism) to the point that we cease to be aware of the problem.

In other words, the primary problem is not the severity of corruption, but its invisibility. Any degree of corruption can be reversed where there is will and courage; but corruption continues to proceed when it is unperceived or the population are cowards; and, anyway, have no idea how to improve things because we are enslaved to evil, demonic metaphysical assumptions and perceptions, that drain us of common sense, virtue and courage.

There is no realistic alternative to turning aside from all those material problems that constitute the entire focus of the mass system of media, propaganda, laws and regulations - turn aside to focus instead upon our own deepest thinking and assuming.

Yes, things will indeed decline faster when we do this - that is the price we must pay for several generations of neglect and counter-productive activity. The process of spiritual recovery may be faster than we fear - if we are thorough and energetic about it: days rather than months, perhaps...

But however long it takes, we must do it anyway: because must is must. And soon. Or else will will cease to recognise that it must be done; and then it won't.

NOTE: By synchronicity; William Wildblood is saying much the same as the above in his post today:


Albrecht said...

John Adams once said, "I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain." And so it was. But what then? Now after many more generations of neglect of "the one thing needful" our children study the "music" of Ariana Grande. Dickens once had Marley warn Scrooge, "Mankind was your business!" Jesus Christ and Him crucified is our proper business. May our sins be crucified with Him. The fields are white and the harvest calling.

Bruce Charlton said...

@Albrecht - Yes, Adams, significantly, left-out Christianity; either taking it for granted or regarding it as secondary.

Well, we now what what happens to men without religion - they become hedonic nihilists, succumb to existential despair and the (mostly) covert desire for extinction.

Epimetheus said...

This is tremendous insight. What a time-saver to see things more clearly. Clarity saves the time of otherwise wasted life.

Ben said...

I agree Epimetheus. This sort of thing is important to help people focus rightly and not waste time / make things worse.

To be very bold, I think this is the resolution blog post of this site.

I have been thinking a long these lines recently too. The fight is spiritual. Any other focus what the enemy wants (even if it appears to be really good for and helping the spiritual, it still needs to be abandoned on principal if it is primarily material or likely to go that way).