Thursday 6 July 2017

1967 - the year of failed spiritual awakening - another on its way, soon?

I can recall that in 1967 'everything changed' - the whole feel of things was transformed. I was a young child of about 8 years old, but it is a distinct memory.

Why did everything change, and suddenly?

It was - I believe - something external and supernatural that came-upon Britain, and indeed Europe, the USA and the whole Western and developed world - and it was this inner and spiritual wave that caused so many observable and measurable transformations to happen simultaneously.

My understanding was that this transformative influence was divine rather than demonic in origin and intention - it was a change of human consciousness; however, human agency, people's choices, the response of Western Man to the divine stimulus was overwhelmingly (albeit not entirely) hedonic, selfish and short-termist; and the main consequence of the transformative influence was that multi-pronged battering-ram of evil which is The Sexual Revolution.

(Also the whole complex of New Leftism: antiracism, Western self-hatred, national suicide, mass media addiction and the rest of it - in sum, 1967 was when the Old economic-Left tipped-over into the New cultural-Left.)

A further point, which came even before any moral decision; was that the prevalent mainstream public ingrained materialism of the West meant that the spiritual impulse could only be misperceived in a materialist guise. So what should have been a spiritual revolution - a turn-towards acnowledgment of and participation-in the spiritual realm (and consciously known as such), was instead regarded as a political revolution, a sexual, personal, psychological, musical revolution... that is as almost any kind of material change but not the intended spiritual one.  

My point is that a divinely-ordained but invisible transformation of consciousness was imposed-upon Western humanity very suddenly and very powerfully, and everything changed in the perceptible world; but the fact of human agency, the interacting decisions of the mass of people, meant that this was almost-instantly twisted to evil rather than to Good.

Now, of course, people were strongly encouraged - by government (political and administrative) and the mass media - to make the wrong choices; indeed there was a kind of frenzy of propaganda for evil at that time - coming from law, the arts, sciences... almost everywhere. And on the whole, the leadership of the mainstream Christian churches joined-in with enthusiasm.

The big question is: was 1967 the last chance of the West; or - now we are fifty years down the line - might something of the sort happen again? And is it possible that - if it did happen again, if there was another sudden, powerful, universal, supernaturally sourced transformation of consciousness - would people decide differently, could they (in sufficient number, and with sufficient courage) make the right choices? Could people this time actually acknowledge and become aware of the spirit, of the unerceived, supersensible reality?

I - and some others - have a feeling that we are about to experience another intervention like 1967. I'm not at all certain about it - and no doubt the timing or even actuality of such things is under continuous evaluation. But I can't shake off the feeling that something of the kind is coming; not because the times are right for people to choose well; but because it is getting too-late, and soon people will be in no position to choose...

The outcome of such things are not destined, nor can they be pre-decided. But maybe forewarned is forearmed.