Thursday 6 July 2017

What should we aim at? Metaphysical reconstruction

Modern Man is sabotaged by an evil metaphysics - in other words, it is our fundamental assumptions that undermine and subvert good living for us.

We therefore need to discover, first that we actually do have a metaphysics; secondly what it is; and thirdly we need to reconstruct it so as to become true - insofar as we can discover true assumptions (which is a matter of intuition, revelation, direct knowing).

(The point is that the unconscious and unacknowledged metaphysical assumptions of mainstream modern life are clearly wrong - not least because they are incoherent; but mainly because their overall wrongness is obvious to each and every person once the assumptions are exposed. Of course, some specific aspects of modern metaphysics are true; it is the overall system that is false.)

So first we need to discover true metaphysics, as best we may. This seems to imply that what we most need to do - now - is to practise tracing our casual, automatic thoughts back to these metaphysical assumptions.

It will generally be found (at least at first) that even when we have revised and improved our metaphysical assumptions; we nonetheless tend (partly by sheer habit, partly because of past social training and the prevalent surrounding culture); we nonetheless continue to use the old/ wrong metaphysics.

So we may explicitly acknowledge that modern metaphysics is nonsense; yet continually falling-back into implicitly assuming it.

One vital consequence is that the Good and positive future for Western Man must be conscious, explicit, and purposive.

We cannot realistically hope that a good future will just happen, due to unconscious instinct, or due to what up-wells naturally. We must reveal our metaphysics, and we must analyse our own tendency to base our lives on that false set of assumptions that has been elaborately - and with such appalling results - implanted into us and protected by distraction and denial.

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