Sunday 23 July 2017

Divine Purpose by William Arkle (with my comments)

There are a number of matters which I would like to define which are matters that seem to cause a deep stirring in the heart of our being and which require some response from us. 

I will quickly go by the opinions of those people who do not see the need for a purposeful creative consciousness behind the manifestation of this universe. 

Such understanding must come to us as a simple observation beyond doubt, or it does not come at all.

We realise that there are people who are able to conceive of this manifest universe as an outgrowth from some haphazard life which is fumbling its way by accidents from one thing to another. 

I cannot sustain such a theory since I am aware that the organisation of matter has to reach an extremely high degree indeed before life can even begin a fumbling of any sort. 

Our time and attention is too valuable to remain in, what are for me, such unproductive fields.

From an essay published in The Great Gift by William Arkle, 1977

My comments: Arkle says many vital things in this truly profound and inspiring essay; which can be read in its entirely at:

However, none are more important than the two sentences in bold font above.

Understanding that the universe of reality has behind it a purposeful and creative consciousness must (sooner or later: as soon as possible) come to us by means of a simple, clear observation - beyond doubt.

And, this is a matter to which we must give our urgent and most focused concern; because, unless or until we can attain such a simple, clear and solid insight; then our time and attention, our mortal Life, will feel and be to our deepest consideration a torment, an unproductive waste.

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